Hydra Device Controlling Other Tracks Dsp

At the moment you can control parameters of the same track where you insert the Hydra, but in many cases I find it could be even more useful if you can assign other tracks effect parameters to it.

For example:
you have split two bands of a track by using two send tracks. Most of you should know what I mean. So…
On both send tracks you build a complex dsp, but suddenly you discover that in the middle of the dsp you need to adjust the gain device so on both track they have the same value… If Hydra could be able to do it, it would be easier than now. And you cannot mix these two tracks together to do it, because you can’t split them for further processing. So that means - every time you think that you still need to tweak that one parameter on both tracks you need to find them from your long DSP and give them the same value manually.

I hope my explanations were not too complicated.
But yeah anyway it would make even more amazing modular things possible…

a more modular world is coming along :)



I find myself wanting this ability almost every day.

Sure this has been requested before and I voted 5 stars that time as well…

+1 - like kazakore says, I think it’s already been requested, so it must be important!


Hey, I keep forgetting that we have a real voting system!
So: OP just got 5 stars from me


yes please! the usefulness would be exponential.