Hydra Device

First off all the new hydra device is awesome :slight_smile:

Now for the suggestions:

invert switch for both min & max values per parameter, so they are immediately flipped to the opposite min and max values.

scale option for the input slider

make the ‘scale’ thingies automatable in the automation editor

an extra inertia setting/slider for the input slider. When set to a slow setting this would delay the effect the input slider has on the linked parameters.

a random button that randomly fills in the slots with the available track vst’s and parameters. Could make for some interesting combo’s.




You can simply flip Min and Max, this will invert the range.

I don’t understand why you need an extra scaling for the input if you already can scale the outputs?



  • stupidity!

i would dig this!

I think that a rightclick => “randomize values” applicable to every kind of DSP is more reasonable.


With values, you mean (randomly chosen) parameters from the already selected dsp/vst devices in the hydra? (Since the input slider is for the most part determining the values send, random values in the min max boxes could be an additional option) .

Thats cool with me, tho if one could hit a random-button and an empty hydra device could be filled (to the extend that is visible, meaning 4 outs at first) with a random selection of vst/dsp devices present in Track/dsp list then I’d favor this.

menu options:
randomize specific parameters (additional dialog displays showing checkboxes /w params)

OR even better:
That’s right folks, just like photoshop can lock layers, we should be able to lock parameters in place. That way, a randomize function would leave whichever params we don’t want touched in place.

I wish they would let you span tracks with this. I am dreaming of all the crazy fun I can have with gates.

Imagine one channels gate set to ‘gate’, another channels set to ‘duck’. apply the same sound but with differing effects to both the tracks.
I guess that the internal communications between renoise devices has already been set in stone; I can only dream!

I really love hydra …been getting som p^retty complex stuff out of it …it’s just a pitty that the track flow is always serial …so you really need a lot of send busses if you wanna create some parallel routing effects =;
So why not give hydra a signal flow routing matrix ( like a tiny mixer inside to set up effects routings )
C’montinka bouTiT :yeah:

Something I’ve often stumbled upon why using the Hydra:
Devicechains do get now easily very complex with the hydra, so its would be even more important than before, if one could hide all the FX that you don’t wanna use/see at the moment -> collapsing them to only see the headers.

Either being able to collapse them or have a fold out big dsp page (extra ‘more’ button in ‘track Dsp’s’ tab :) )

Collapse them into ‘bookends’ would look pretty neat. like a vertical version of the Reason collapsing.