Hydra: Rightclick On An Outputlabel Goes To Destination

since we have the ability to route the source of a signal to a destination which is on another track, it could be useful to have a shorthand to go from the source to the destination easily.

if for example you have set an output of an Hydra which is on track 01 to the cutoff of a Filter which is on Track 03, rightclicking on the label of the output’s label (those named “Out 1”, “Out 2,” and so on) should put the DSP view to the Filter on Track 03.

at least this should be available in the context menu when rightclicking on these labels.

of course, this would be useful for any other metadevice and modulation device (send, LFO, signal follower, and so on)

Yes please

mixer view might as well be updated, or maybe in the mixer you get a big arrow pointing to the dest. device when you hold Ctrl or sth. :D