Hydra Vst

So I’m having an issue using the Hydra VST synth by synapse. I’m not sure if this problem occurs on other VST synths or not though.

If I enter a number of notes on a single line with no “note offs” between them, the synth plays all notes but the first one as short staccatto notes for some reason. I think I tried just about all polyphony and “voices” options in the VST itself, but all seem to do the same thing.

I did manage to find a way around this problem, though it’s so much of a pain in the @$$ that I don’t think I could ever use it:
The VST plays fine (when key jazz is on), so I put renoise on “ptrn follow” mode and banged a little riff out on my keyboard. After I stopped recording and played it back, sure enough it sounded perfect… BUT the notes were recorded in alternating note-columns. It added note off commands whenever I would release the key (after the next key was depressed if I was trying to make a glide).

like so:

f-3 00____–

f-3 00____–

g-3 00

d-3 00


etc etc (sorry for the bad formatting)

So first I thought, “oh, I’ll just copy the way they do it and the problem will be solved.” and that works fine… but the problem is that if I want to go in and delete or add a note then I have to rearrange all the notes beneith it which would just be way too time consuming.

Normally I would just say “forget it” and switch to a different synth, but this is one of the sweetest synths for bass I’ve used in a while.

I really hope somebody can help me out with this problem.



I seem to have figured it out. Despite that I said “i think I tried just about all polyphony and “voices” options” I hadn’t tried increasing the polyphony to something really high like 12. This seems to have solved the problem. I’m still not quite sure why I would need to use a high polyphony number if I set the synth to “single” or “dual” voice mode… but it solved the problem so i’m not complaining.

Sorry for the unneeded post, but maybe somebody frustrated with Hydra and renoise will find this in the future :stuck_out_tongue: