Hypeartist - Glassified

Hi, guys!

Just finished this one. Very positive and moody tune (imho). Ready for you to enjoy it also! :)
Btw, my pc was dying on it… Too much of NI stuff I guess :)

Title: Glassified
Style: breakbeat
Tempo: 135 BPM
Dur.: 6:24


Thanx and regards.

I just really like your style.

best renoise artist as far I know.

for years I got bored into electronic music but this is refreshing!!!

nice track btw, love how you work with synths.

nothing to complain.

cheers, cAMEL

ps. I really dig this one. how its building, wobbling synth before beats and the stuff/melody while beat is rolling…it gets really hollow feeling, with good way I mean…really good track.

soon I have full cd of hyperartist stuff, how f*cking rad is that!!!

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

Makes me think about “Hackers” the movie

fantastic work …

I like this song very much! Just awesome work!
Keep on making this good music!

Any place where i can download this stuff as well? tmp.tskv.com seems to be completely dead…

Works for me.

Nice stuff, fresh sounds.