Hypeartist - "loling Buddha"

Hi, Renoisers!

This is my first tune post here. So don’t judge me too hard… just enjoy! :)

Title: Loling Buddha
Style: Breakbeat
BPM: 132
Dur: 6:03


ooh! i simply dig this :yeah:
great work!

will check this out on a better speaker system later


“Nice” just doesnt cut it. Very enjoyable!

Hey, guys! Thanks for all your kind responses (even for the “nice” one :) )

Can I ask you to answer me just one (but very important) question: how good is it TECHNICALY (freqs, compression issues and so on)?

Thanks in advance.

PS: Listen it loud!!! :)

nice tune, enjoyed it! got a FSOL vibe from it
can’t really help you on the technical side. maybe it’s all a little too clean, but that’s a nice sound to have. And cleanness is superawesome when it goes loud.

Hey nice track. The intro is just bit too long for my taste. Lately I keep intro on my songs to 3 seconds. :) On the other hand, DJ can cut it as sort as he wants to. :P

had a second listen now. sounds good to me.
I’m no expert, but here’s what i noticed:

overall volume/punch:
could be louder… if you want to fight the loudness war (arrrgh), but doesn’t need to imo. it won’t drown that much in a playlist anyway.

overall compression:
sounds fine to me

sounds ok, but maybe a little bit muddy? could be “crispier”, more open. maybe you have cut some high frequencies, or maybe there weren’t more

low end/bass:
wouldn’t hurt with a little more! i’m a bass man. gimme zum mo beeyze B)

stereo image:

but keep in mind… if you hadn’t asked, i might not would have noticed any of this :)

really cool!

I like it. It has a full and rich sound. Sound good from here.
keep it up. :drummer:

Damn, fucking great man!
maybe better than Narayan ;)


Hi, guys!

Sorry for being off the topic.
Thank you all for you kind words! You really keep me up and make me to do more and better (I guess) tracks.

Ooo!!! That’s just a helluva big compliment!!! …and… why the fuck not, actually!!! :)