I just bought a M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 and now wonder if there is any plans to integrate support for Hypercontrol into Renoise? It seems like all major DAWs (Cubase, Reason, Ableton Live, Logic and Pro Tools) have Hypercontrol-support, so it would be great to see support for it in Renoise as well ;) I guess it is not very highly prioritized though, but if it is not very hard to implement I guess it would be a great feature that at least some of us would appreciate. :)

I don’t think “all major daws have Hypercontrol-support.” I think, instead, M-Audio forges business deals and supports all major daws. From the Axiom description page:

proprietary HyperControl MIDI mapping technology

Emphasis on “proprietary” and “TM”. On that note, have you seen Airmann’s FaderPort driver?

Presonus didn’t support Renoise, so Airmann did it himself. HyperControl is something a motivated API scripter could do. Not really Renoise though, unless you know someone who works at M-Audio and wants to do this?

Yes, I just noticed the proprietary-part myself. But first I thought they provided some kind of SDK and public API for this so you can do your own implementation for your own music application, but after some research it seems to be a licensed technology only so I guess it wouldn’t be to easy to add such implementation into renoise.

You can still program the axiom pro keyboard manually, so I guess that is the way to go for now…

Dang. Sad story, I wish my pro 61 would have hyperbullshit in Renoise either)