Hypersonic 2 Extra Modules

Hi, there is a ‘bug’ in Hypersonic 2 that means that when you open more than instance of it, the four hypermodules become available (whereas with only instance you can’t even see them). In Buzz this works fine for me, in Renoise it doesn’t - I tried opening two, then three instances, but still no visible hypermodules. Has anybody else had this problem? Could it be anything to do with the VST Alias function of Renoise? (Which I find incredibly useful, by the way, especially with multitimbral VSTs like Hypersonic 2).

Sorry to bump this bug, but it’s a game killer for me, I just bought a new Renoise licence, after not using it for several years, and was hoping to move to Renoise from Buzz, but without this functionality, I still can’t use Renoise. I presume it must be something to do with the way VSTs are handled within Renoise. I haven’t tried Hypersonic 2 in any other hosts apart from Buzz, but from what I’ve read on forums, the ‘bug’ is standard in all hosts (or at least, I’ve never seen a post about it NOT doing this with any other host).

Then the bug is clearly with the VST and not the host.

Which means that it cannot be solved by the host developer, but it has to be solved by the plugin developer. So you would need to file this issue at their address.

Are you sure you’ve inserted HS2 as a new unique copy and it’s not just creating an alias? For this to work, the instances have to be there. Try to make sure you’re not creating aliases. I’ll test this in a bit myself as I have HS2 as well and use this same trick :D

I don’t know why both you (kazakore) and vV seemed to read the exact opposite of what I wrote - the ‘bug’ is believed to be a feature that Wizoo put into HS2, i.e. it’s supposed to work like that, and it does, in all hosts, EXCEPT for Renoise. Which means Renoise must be doing something different to all the other hosts, so presumably it’s something to do with the way Renoise loads VSTs - I don’t know, because I’m not a programmer. I presume that when the second instance loads, the first instance ‘tells’ it something in other hosts, but in Renoise it doesn’t.

Hi Grymmjack, I’ve tried it with two instances, three instances, and four instances, saved the song and reloaded it, hoping that might do it, but no luck. But if you’ve got it working, then it must work! Perhaps it’s just the version of Renoise I’m currently using, 2.8.0 b6 64 bit. Perhaps I should try the 32 bit version, maybe that’s it.

It’s irritating because the ‘unofficial’ version of HS2 works fine in Renoise (and allows you to use all the extra modules with just one instance open, not that it’s a problem having two instances open of the proper version). (But then the ‘unofficial’ version crashes Buzz when you try to save a song.)

Update: it works fine in 2.8.0 b7 32 bit, I haven’t tried 2.8.0 b7 64 bit yet, but I suspect that it won’t work in the 64 bit version. It isn’t a problem for me, as I don’t use any 64 bit only plugins.

When running 64-bit Renoise, any 32-bit plugins must be bridged and completely self-contained in their own separate process, ie. their own “sandbox”. This is probably why one sandboxed instance of Hypersonic cannot detect any of the other instances. Not really much we can do to avoid this at the moment.

dblue, thanks for your reply, it’s no problem as I don’t need to use the 64 bit version of Renoise, I don’t use any plugins which need more than 4GB in total, so I’ll stick with the 32 bit version, works beautifully. Thanks for explaining why it doesn’t work, I thought it might be something to do with the bridging.

Sorry Jenoki, I don’t understand. Is it a virtual machine or something?

No worries Jenoki, I’m not up to date with the lingo. I may reinstall the 64 bit version and try what you said, it might be useful for other Hypersonic 2 owners, cheers.

Well, I tested it again in 2.8.0 b7 64 bit, and my separate process box was already unticked, but it didn’t work. I tried ticking the box, and that didn’t work, then I unticked it, and that didn’t work still. (I restarted Renoise in between each tick!) So I’m back to the 32 bit version, no problems.