Hypnoid - Subkultan Dub

Hello forum,

this is a tune on the dub tip i’ve recently finished. enjoy!


Nice, this reminds me very much of the maurizio tracks from pre 2000, e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWPdaNlUzzw&feature=related I always wondered how he did these sounds (apart from the obvious delay)…

thank you!

maurizio / basic channel / rhythm & sound (and all their other projects) are absolute heros of mine. from all the electronic music i’ve listened to over the years this is probably the only sound i’ll never get tired of. so simple so deep…

Care to elaborate a little bit about how you created this dubby synth sound? :D I hear some white noise in it, but beyond that I wouldn’t know how you created that sound…

It’s based on a simple chord stab sample, run through a series of Filters and EQs (also Reverb and Echos at some point). Filtering and EQ is really the key there though. Like i’m creating a Filter patch that is constantly changing (using LFOs, Envelopes or Rhythms to trigger the Cutoff/Res/Volume…), send the sound through it and record a longer take of whats coming out. This take i then cut apart, just keeping the bits that i like. And this procedure i just repeat a number of times until i feel i got something.

With the EQs after each Filter stage i’m being quite drastic, much more than i would ever be in a mixdown situation. so i would for example push the top band all the way up - this is where the hiss sound you mentioned is coming from btw. or maybe cut all the low frequencies or whatever i feel sounds good. So the EQ is more of a ‘musical’ tool there rather than a mere technical.

For recording a take i usually run it through my hardware (mainly my Evolver) first before i record it. The DA>AD conversion alone makes for a better sound, and of course having an actual analogue Filter like the Evolver has brings up a sonic quality no plugin could ever reach. it kind of melts it together, adds definition, warmth and depth. I love it!

Btw heres an interview with Moritz von Oswald. Quite a good watch.


Oh thanks :D Watching now…

EDIT: Too bad that he really dislikes getting specific about methods, etc… :(

i suppose he is because there is no standard recipe to making music other than being honest with yourself and taking the time to find your own sound.

Yeah, but there’s a whole lot people can teach each others that is a little more specific ;D

Good no much change but still good atmo :)

pumping this up. are you here hypnoid? I am curious about famous techno producers that uses Renoise or trackers.
Trackers are very popular in intrincate drum programming genres (Venetian Snares, Aphex Twin, John Frusciante “progressive synth pop” albums) and thats what got me initiated in music production, but now Im really exploring techno subgenres like dub or minimal and besides classic 808, 903, 303 and big analog synths, the software side is dominated by Ableton Live (which I love).