Hypothetical: If Renoise Came/comes Out For Linux

I’ve seen a recent post that says that a native linux version is not that far away.

If that happens, there isn’t that much holding me back from learning what I really need to learn to use Linux efficiently.

Something I wonder is:

Would it use the vst files for Windows or OSX, or could there be both? If both were possible, that could lead to the potential of having a converter available that would allow one to use OSX plugins on Windows and visa-versa.

What installation files would Renoise be available for Linux? Certainly not the sourcecode.

Still, the main thing I wonder is how vst’s and vsti’s would be handled–I imagine that would be the most difficult part about making a Linux version.

VST plugins could be used on Linux (try to perform a search), but don’t expect great things from this.

Linux has its own plugins format (LADSPA), which has not GUI and rely to the host for the interface. If ever a plugin format will be supported in Renoise under Linux, LADSPA will probably be it.

Yes, source code will not be available: you will find almost the same file of a Windows installation, compressed in a single file to be downloaded, with an installation shell script (.sh) file.

As a note, it’s interesting to see that EnergyXT2 (which is available on Linux) have support for linux-compiled vst instruments and effects. There is a list available at: http://www.linux-vst.com/

I hope the music/linux-scene will agree to some standard that will include GUI and be popular. It will probably still take another few years before ‘music on linux’ will really explode, but seeing as more serious programs actually make appearance, it will probably be good in the end. :)

Good to know.

ALL my renoise songs have been based on vstI’s, so I guess it will be a LONG while before I have any real reason to try Linux again. EDIT: With the exception of web surfing without worry of spyware and viruses.

renoise for linux would have no impact. linux is for sysgods and they listen to s.o.a.d. or astral projection, never touching a tracker. ehhehe ;)

devilishly speaking

LADSPA is for sound FX. DSSI is the standard for softsynths. See also http://dssi.sourceforge.net/

I was able to run some simple VSTi’s using this method in Linux. So that’s promising. The problem is a lack of good sequencers or trackers. Rosegarden and Muse basically suck. I’ve been practically begging for a Linux version ever since I started using Renoise 3 years ago or so. But I can understand the lack of resources is holding it back. Renoise is the only reason I still have Windows XP installed. And I’d love to get rid of it once and for all.

Maybe we Linux users should organize a fund raise for a Linux version as an extra motivation for the developers :) I would be glad to donate for that.

At least they’d have to implement a JACK driver, LADSPA/DSSI support and perhaps an ALSA driver too. I don’t know if the Renoise codebase is modular enough to support such enhancements, but I figure if they support both Windows and OS/X it should be.

It-Alien: Ahh! that’s cool… I mean… REALLY cool!! :D

In the last year, I have moved to using linux entirely, except for of course, renoise. I actually run windows XP as a virtual machine in VMware. This is the only reason I have a virtual machine of windows at all, and it depresses me to have to run such crappy software just so I can run renosie.

maybe for version 2.0?

maybe :)

soon, even penguins can track!

what of those of us, who have not made the transition to magnetic tape? :)

It might be that timing on Linux may be a whole slew better than on Windows?
Or you want to invest in a Mac instead…