Hz And Khz

Some of the DSPs have their frequency fields in Hertz, some in Kilohertz. Can we have this standardised across all please. Not too bothered with which although would lean towards Hertz so you don’t always have to put in a decimal point for less than 1kHz.

DSPs with Hz:
Cabinet Simulator (EQ Section)
Mixer EQ
mpReverb2 (Low Cut)
Ring Mod
LoFi Mat 2

DSPs with kHz:
Signal Follower (Filter Section)
Scream Filter

(Evidently at some point Filter went with kHz and it has stuck from there.)

Obviously Chorus, Flanger and Phaser are also in Hz as they are LFOs but would it be worth having a Line Sync mode for them? Most other rate/LFO stuff in Renoise seem to work with the Lines.

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Yeah, definitely. I vote for hertz.

I think the choice possibly relates to generic used standards for the device type itself.
But i would not mind working either with Hz or Khz. Whether i have to type 1001hz or 1.001Khz makes no difference in output.

As I said it’s only minor but it would be nice if it was the same across all devices. Whether I have to type “.05” or “50” to set 50Hz isn’t too much of a worry but going from one device where I type it one way to another where I have to use the other just feels weird.

Although I would say a base of Hertz makes more sense than kHz and more devices are currently Hz so it’s less that would need changing if all were standardised to Hz ;)

I herd you <3 herzt! +plus!