I Accidentally Used A Key Command, Don't Know How To Undo Setting

hey everyone, sorry for the silly question, but i must have accidentally hit some key command that i’m not familiar with, and the result is that whenever i enter in a new note within a track, my pattern editor automatically jumps about 30 ticks within the pattern (instead of the default setting where it jumps 1 tick)…

the irony is that i’ve been trying to figure out how to do this, as it would seriously help me build patterns quicker (automatically jumping to a next predetermined spot in the pattern to enter a command), but i stumbled upon it on accident and can’t undo :)… please let me know what command i entered so i can undo it for now, and reuse it again when i need to :)

once again, sorry for the dump question

thanks a bunch!!!

Edit step: Ctrl+1 etc

Undo edits (but not option changes): Ctrl+Z

Edit step can be changed up the top left, with general easy options and controls.

Try the wiki for basic usage information. Keep asking the Qs though, no Q is silly.

Except this question:

“Who shot JR?”

big thanks!!! but who did shoot JR anyway? :) thanks again!

Probably the same who did the JF job.

other then setting editstep with the mouse in the main gui or using ‘ctrl+1(-9)’ to set it, you can also quickly run through the patterns by using the F9 to F12 keys on yer keyboard (or page up & page down keys). With the home and end keys you can easily jump to start and end positions in a pattern.