I Am A Total Noob, Please Help!

Hello everyone :)

I have been wanting to make my own music for quite awhile and have tried many demos but have never quite understood how to do it. I listened to a friend’s song he made on Renoise so I downloaded the demo and messed with it a bit (following the video tutorial). I made some beats but I find that I have no clue what to do next.

Honestly I really do not know whats going on. What is Renoise? What is it supposed to do? Is it used to record music or make music? Ideally I would like to have a bunch of noises I get to manually mess with and put them together in a techno-ish song. There were some cool beats I found in the demo but I couldn’t find any high pitched noises to use for a melody (but I did find a piano but didn’t know what to do with it).

Can you make entire songs on Renoise or are you supposed to plug something into it like a keyboard?

Thanks for the patience I will probably have many questions because I finally want to learn how to make my own songs no matter how long it takes!

Communist ^_^

Your best bet is to read the manual from front to back
Then you can also find a bunch of tutorial videos on the WIKI but also on you tube (Just search Renoise)

The very very basics of a tracker are
Load samples and arrange them using the pattern editor to make a bunch of patterns that you then arrange into a song
Like i say that is the very very very basics

You can use your computers qwerty keyboard to play samples much like a musical keyboard

Once you have that side of things worked out you can look into the much deeper side of things like VST plugins for synths and FX and the very very deep side like pattern commands for ultimate control over samples

May also be worth your while to search through Google for basic tracker tutorials

It looks very complicated at first but you soon get used to it and once you do it is very intuitive


the Renoise beginners video should give you a quick overview of “what Renoise is and is supposed to do”

:blink: Hi Bantai, what about a cup of coffee? :walkman:

That’s a really informative video. I favorited it and also subscribed (not that I need basic tutorials, but still, I’m glad to see people making videos like this). It’s really great that people are making video tutorials. I hadn’t really looked at any until now. What’s really funny is that when I want to pause the videos I’m seeing, I end up hitting space! LOL

I didn’t know that if it was in a windowed mode, that I could drag and drop a bunch of samples into it. I had NO idea of that. That’s really handy.

A couple questions:

  1. At 2:43, how did you instantly paste it to line 20 when you weren’t even at line 20?

  2. How are you making the audio from the mic loop through in realtime? I’ve never seen options like that in Renoise before. Can you have realtime effects on those live inputs as well?

Again, thanks for making that video. Anything that can help people get used to the tracking concept is a good thing :D

If you look once pasted he is at line 20. I think he hits F11 then Ctrl+V quickly so you kinda miss it in the video.

It’s difficult to cater for beginners needs, renoise is such a new way of working for most people it takes a whole new level of educating…
i’ve been promoting the new front page tutorial video to some people, and most have understood it and got started! Others are still baffled. :blink:
these are all great videos though, like Kizzume said, and i’m glad people are making them.

Communist, I advice you to check out other peoples Renoise tracks and remix them / mess around with samples and learn a little about the possibilities in arrangement.

For example check out these songs from the indamix compo:


Interesting… I’ve searched the tutorials AND the forum–when it comes to “line-in device”, all I can find are tutorials for actually recording, and on the forum search I find posts with people saying “use the line-in device” with no further explanation. How does one just send through, without recording? It’s probably going to be right in front of my face and I’ll do a facepalm when I find out LOL

Lol… yes Kizzume you will facepalm :)

Just go to some track, and add the “#Line-in device” DSP to it. Bam, whatever is playing on your Line-in is mixed onto your track.

No recording will happen.

(…Though I wish recording could happen i.e. like arming a track in Acid, just dump the recorded samples right onto the pattern ‘as you go’)

Facepalm LOL

I’d say; check all possible vids, keep following this forum, ask questions when you need to… And you’ll catch the Renoise-virus in no time. ;)