I am looking for samples for melody,s

Dear all,
I am looking for samples to make melody in songs does anyone have a link where you can download keyboard piano enstrings loops samples, no samples that already contain a melody, I want to give credit to my own twist, if anyone knows anything, please advise or possibly a link somewhere, thanks anyway if people know me help

Try Spitfire Audio’s Labs and Spitfire Audio’s BBC Symphonic Orchestra Discover. There is also a WAV sample pack by Virtual Playing. And maybe have a look at this list. All free.

If you just need one shot synth sounds there are so many out there, check out Legowelt’s free sample packs:

And here’s the Music Radar free samples:

Realistically that’s all you should ever need but if you want more and you don’t mind signing up for a free trial, Loopcloud offers a LOT of different samples, it’s a subscription service but like I said, there’s a free trial period so no risk to try it out. It comes with a bunch of free samples that you get to keep even if you cancel:

hello, I am very focused on renoise, in earlier years fastracker 2 , arp files cannot be read in renoise , I have now learned that it also revolves around money with the purchase of samples, or at least to use , in itself had sampelrader good samples but is there a possibility to use them in renoise, can you give me clear information about that

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You can most definitely use the sampleradar samples in renoise, they usually come as a .zip folder that usually contains subfolders organized by which sound designer made/recorded them. There is a ton of useful content in sample radar, like orrigans said, you really could get all the sounds you might ever need from there, but there are a lot of loops, so you’ll need to do the work in the sample editor to chop out the notes and map them to a keyzone… but for that much content for absolutely no cost it is well worth it. If you don’t mind paying a little for samples splice is pretty good for it’s searching features, but I never really liked finding melodic samples on that site, they are there though.
Also if you don’t mind using a synthesizer, orangator will output samples in a way that I like, it’s pretty convenient to me in the way that it kind of skips the whole render and edit steps you might have if you were making samples in a daw or recording them in an audio editor. You just save the file and drop in in to renoise.