i am looking for tracker musictitels to load

i have seen this on YT

where to find such files ?

If you look carefully in YT page, you find download link to renoise file

yep, i mean where to find other files !

Old files? What formats would you prefer? You are looking for tracker modules -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Module_file and want to goto mod archive or the like? Tried using google?

The original in the video seems to be some adlib tracker tune. Other stuff was more popular, around .mod, .xm and .it scenes there was lots of mad productivity - and they won’t program some fm chip, but rather bring their own samples. Sounds cooler, you know…practiced from the amiga days until today. Isn’t renoise able to import .xm directly?

One place that you can browse through is the soundevotion compo that runs monthly -> http://www.sdcompo.com/results.php?r=81 A lot of people use Renoise for their entries. (That for example is the results for round 81. I recommend keith303’s ‘based on a true chipstory’. Smashing :slight_smile: ) Do keep in mind however that you won’t be able to play every xrns file properly as the composer could of used external VST instruments and effects :slight_smile:

Oh, there is also the Renoise song download section that houses some xrns files -> http://forum.renoise.com/index.php/files/category/5-songs/



These should keep you going for a while. :wink:

I was actually downloading the stuff from http://scene.org recently (via FTP program, just use ftp.scene.org as host). You had to be authorised in some way as an artist to make yourself into the artist directory there, so quality stuff is guaranteed. In that directory it’s no less than around 40 GB of stuff(!), even though there are some MP3s and videos here and there. But most of the part it should be tracked modules, like .MOD, XM, and .IT which Renoise also can open (even though the playback could be improved).

If you’re on a Mac: To unpack .zip files, I’d recommend The Unarchiver. I’ve tried the most known ones, and this one seems to be the only one able to unzip tons of files directly to the same directory (with the preferences set right).

Don’t forget to respect license/copyright information usually given with/in each module. Tracker people might get pretty pissed if you rip their stuff (also the samples) in unfair ways, and not credit them properly. I bet it’s hard to contact original authors from decades ago, but practising necromancy in ripping off old stuff could be considered defilation of sanctuaries by the scene.

thank you for your help !!!

wich formats are played by renoise or can converted to renoise. what is the “best” tracker after renoise und much supported ?

thanks again

Listed in the manual: http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Disk_Browser#Supported_Formats_For_Song_Importing

Don’t expect 100% compatibility for those formats, though. It’s an “import”, not a load. Many trackers were notorious about having bugs and queer behaviour regarding how effect commands and such worked. And many module authors deliberately used those as features, so besides not sounding 100% correct, some stuff might sound off a lot compared to the original. Other playback engines try to reproduce behaviour of the original trackers more accurately (though seldom 100%), and can be used as a side test in case something sounds really off and strange.

I think there’s also options in renoise for changing portamento behaviour to match fast tracker ][ (.xm) more closely.

P.S.: For those hyperdyper tunes in some other formats, there should exist tools to try to get them into .xm or .it, so they could be imported in renoise. Just another step in the chain that might fuck up behaviour of the tune to sound even less like the original when played back in renoise.


so i am new to tracker (but not to DAW’s at all). what is the great advantage of trackers beside the completly different note input without a piano roll?

i am looking for a performant system wich is closed (mostly) and don’t need any vst’s or stuff to make ambient(drone) music.

i have live9 with max wich is crashing most of the time because of a bad (or NO) max implemention.

fl studio is looking like frankensteins monster.

S1 is so lala

reaper has no plugins (no useful plugins)

reason is going crazy with the new version und no propellerhead RE’ anymore

how do you think i should start with trackers ?

tutorials ? (there are some on YT but old)