I Am Missing Something.. But What?

i had a quick look at this tutorial for what ever reason and came a cropper when trying to add offset effect. how do i enter in “09E7”?

Hi mate.

Your track should look like this…

c-4 – -- ----

add the 09xx (in your case 09e7) like this

c-4 – -- 09e7

You use your arrow keys to move the cursor over to the correct part.

TIP: When you are entering 09xx values, set your Edit Step to 0. This will stop the pattern moving when you are adding numbers.

Get it?

Wormjar gave a much better explanation than the one i was going to write. :)

mos def have a look at the wiki tutorial stuff. Vv has done a great job keeping it up to date, an has spent a lot of time for it to go unnoticed, so def check it out! :)

or even you could load the Tutorial - Sample Offset.xrns. in the songs directory of your renoise installation.
might be (C:\Program Files\Renoise 1.8.0\Songs)

happy trakin!


i posted the wrong link. the previous link was for 1.5 stuff.

i understand where the effect value has to go, but i can’t enter it! typing numbers changes the instrument in the top right box… do i need to change a setting or something to be able to use my keyboard in input info as opposed to notes or something? thanks for the replies guys!

the focus of the application has to be on the pattern editor:
LALT+leftclick on the pattern, or use the LCTRL+TAB to move the focus (notice the orange frame around the curerntly focused area)

as a last resort, press F8 to stick the focus on the pattern editor.

after that, press ESC to enter pattern edit mode

The padlock icon is no less ambiguous than the current record/edit icon. Besides, I don’t think any icon will help someone who is simply not familiar with the concept of a tracker and inputting values into the pattern. It’s just one of those things you have to spend 2 seconds learning, and then it makes sense for the rest of your tracking life.

If anything Renoise just needs to be more verbose to newcomers to give them a helping hand… some kind of built-in supern00b mode with extra tooltips/popups, guiding them through the main sections of the program? In many dialogue/properties boxes in Windows you can find a [?] button in the top-right corner. You can click on this, then click again on an area of the dialogue box to get a description of that particular item. Maybe something like this can be implemented in Renoise?

Or… we (as in, the community of people who’ve been doing this for years) need to create some really clear “Renoise for dummies” tutorials that take someone through the very first steps of making a song. Even more clear than the video tutorial which was made a while ago (which many people probably haven’t even seen?).

Or… maybe the Wiki can be re-arranged slightly to give priority to the FAQ section, and then right at the top of the list it can nice and clear: “How do I record notes / input values into the pattern?”

We should probably also change/update the link in the description of the “Help & Support” section of this forum. It currently points to the old “tutorials.renoise.com” location… should this go to “wiki.renoise.com/wiki/” instead?

I’m sure if we put our heads together we can come up with a few methods of making the Renoise-n00b experience a bit smoother.

agree for an extensive-tooltip-version.

the wiki link has been updated, thanks for reporting

i like the lock icon, it does seem more common sense.

It just dawned on me. this may be an absurd question but why exactly do we still need this?
trackers aside, i cant think of any other music software that has locks on the editing of files. so yeah if that is a stupid question, the answer is eluding me.

@rodreegez, i mistakenly posted the wrong link up there.

Yeah that lock is a cool idea. Seems much more logical especially since we have actual recording now with the #line-in device…

(I am referring to the icon, and nothing else!)

coming from a protools/cubase background i guess the whole concept of tracking is a bit of a jump for me (but i really like the basic concept as far as i can tell). a renoise/tracking for dummies would certainly benefit me and i guess others in my situation too.

thanks for all your help guys, renoise has a great community spirit! i’ll muddle on through the wiki again and see what happens.

thanks again…

Maybe I’ve misunderstood you here, but are you suggesting that pattern editing should just be enabled permanently? If so, then what are we supposed to do when we just want to play around with an instrument/sample and figure out some possible melodies? It would suck if random notes we played on the keyboard were going into the pattern all the time. Without an edit/record mode toggle we would constantly have to change the focus in Renoise back to some other panel like the instrument list where we could play notes without committing them to the pattern, then play with some melody ideas, then switch focus back to the pattern to actually record the notes, then back to another panel to play with more ideas, etc, etc. Frankly that would suck in my opinion and it would be a huge time-waster, and it would probably kill the feeling of using the tracker itself. One of the biggest strengths of a tracker to me is simply being able to toggle edit/record when I’m right there in the pattern, switching between live-idea-jamming-mode and actually editing the notes or commands at the touch of a button, without some other clumsy interface or feature getting in the way.

To answer the other thing you said, I can’t think of any other music software where notes you play are just automatically recorded (to a pattern or a clip, whatever it might be) without you first enabling some kind of edit/record mode. The exception would be a piano roll editor like you find in Cubase where you are physically drawing the notes using the mouse, but in those cases it’s the act of clicking your mouse on the pattern/clip which then becomes the recording toggle, or the act of switching to some kind of pencil or note-drawing tool which is again just another type of edit/record toggle.

The more I think about it the more I feel like I must have misunderstood you, because I see this feature as totally essential to the whole process. Did you really mean to say that you’d prefer there to be no distinction between just playings notes and recording them?


I’m 100% with dblue on this: don’t touch the edit mode!

oh no i didn’t mean to say that i would prefer that, i agree with you Fully. i was trying to look at tracking from a beginners perspective again. an ive noticed that no matter how much we write or do, we are always going to have these questions. so i began thinking about what could be done to alleviate these types of questions. heh thats where i went wrong. thats were the no lock came from.

i didnt really understand it before, but now i see it. these questions are Important. since these questions, even though they seem like they should already be known. these questions help us develop & build Our community. :) keeping us sharp, keeping us spreading information and passing on knowledge.
exactly like Connerbw’s beat cutting tutorial on kuroshin, exactly like the Glitch plugin you wrote Dblue. if anyone follows You or Connerbw, they are led here!!! an that is beautiful. :D

I just wanted to say that I’m personally against any idea that will drive Renoise away from being a TRACKER.

However, I am one of the people coming from Impulse Tracker. Those of you who remember that app know that it had a totally different approach to interface than it’s biggest foe - FT2.

In FT2 the main rule was “let’s show everything at once!”. This lead to some totally irrational ideas, like ultra-small amazingly uncomfortable sequencer in the upper left corner of the screen, or a tiny instrument list, etc. Renoise, being based on FT2 concepts still has some of these drawbacks. Thank God we have a bigger sequencer, but the instrument list, Diskop etc are still rather small.

Impulse Tracker had a totally different way of showing stuff. It’s screen was showing only one section at once. There was a “Samples” screen where one would set up all the things connected with samples. The next one was the “Instruments” screen with envelopes and all that stuff. than, there was pattern editor, always into editing mode. If one wanted to play along with the intstruments it was just a matter of going to the “Instruments” screen. Than there was no chance of editing the pattern by mistake.

Also, when playing, a specially designed screen showed up, that provided a much better overview than the usual pattern editor.

The sequencer was also on another screen.

Impulse Tracker’s interface was thanks to that IMO much more modern than FT2’s. Also, to me, it provided a much more comfortable workspace, as things will always in complete order.

I’m not sure if all that could be implemented in Renoise. I’m also not sure if it would be a good idea, since so many people are now used to the FT2 concept Renoise utilizes nowadays. However, I guess there’s something to be learned from IT in this area.

Yes, and indeed all these features are totally awesome functionallity additions to Renoise that provide more order on the screen. I guess it all is also a sign of Renoise going the right way.

thanks bud.

hi renoise users
i have a similar problem i am able to write in the colomn effects the letters but i can’t write any numbers i don’t understand why …
and its not the verr num key on my keyboard
any ideas ???

i think i understood i was doing with the number of the right of my keyboard
now i am doing with the num located in the top of the letters and it seem to work !!!

:yeah: :yeah: this fonction is killter stuff

I nearly died myself when I learnt how to 09xx too :)