I Am Sad

no one wished me something to my birthday, which is today and which was listed at the bottom of the board-homepage. :( (but you still have like three hours ! go for it ! :yeah: )

Dont be sad hug. Happy Birthday, you old hound!! :D

And may this 28th year be one of great composing (e.g not trance hehe) :guitar: :drummer: :yeah:

Nobody remembered me either, but life goes on, you’re still my hero! :wub:

Oh, and happy bday!!

Actually I noticed your birthday on CTG, but it looks like you don’t use that account so you wouldn’t take the guestbook message anyway. So I would start a thread here, but my friends came…

Anyway: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :yeah: :drummer: :guitar: :w00t: :dribble: :walkman:

:wacko: Happy days looza!

Happy birthday! :D

Happy birthday looza!! :) Sorry for missing that… :rolleyes:

damn, also too late, happy birthday anyway! seems i had tomatos on my eyes. sorry!

Congratulations on being 1 year closer to death. :D

(the pessimist’s birthday greeting)

Congrats from here too…

(Dblue:when it’s time to go, it’s time to go wether it’s the concrete-truck that instantly smashes you to pieces tomorrow or wether it’s just the aging that catches up on you.)

thanx for the wishes, and I dont really blame you, since the list of people who have birthday is not visible anymore when you come to this board, you have to scroll down quite abit, and I dont think much people do that.)


uiuiui, how could I miss??

Heartly Luckwish AfterCarrying :)

sorry i missed the birthday catharsis. i haven’t been around much. good to see you’re still around dude. :yeah:

err… I’ll wait till your next birthday, since I’ve missed this :)

I did not even knew about a birthday list! :huh: :blink:
Oh well… happy birthday anyway !! :lol:

Belated Happy Birthday from here, hope you had a good one! :)