I Am Sooo Glad I Paid For This

every time i use renoise i get something beautiful coming out of it
and everytime i get on this forum i learn new things
very nice, very nice indeed…

the functionality of renoise 1.5a7 is very very nice!!!

btw is there any desktop wallpapers or stuff i could use to make a desktop wallpaper?

i run a dual monitor setup and i would really like to have a wallpaper that would span the 2560x1024 of my desktop
rahn :)

yea rite!
and don’t forget to tell your friends :)

concerning the walls:
i remember there once were wallpaper available for download from renoise.com, but it seems they’ve gone.
they were made based on renoise 1.2x of course and did therefore not reflect the beauty of nowaday’s renoise! :)

i have actually told everyone thats close enuff to me to know what i use, how nice of a program this is.

i can actually say i havent bought any software in over 8 years until i paid for renoise…and it is still very much well worth every penny.

maybe one of the devs could drop a image pack that we could use to make wallpapers an post them up on here?


Talking about this?

I’ve got it put on my office’s desktop since ages :D

well, it’s renoise 1.2x or below.
a wally like that based on 1.5 would be nice! (!)