I bought a used copy Reason 10 ..lol

A long long time ago …( 2005-2006 ) I ‘ve used a not so legalcopy of reason , and curiosity got the most of me so I bought a second hand license of reason 10 , for fun right ?
SO …surprise , you need to be online to launch the program ., ffs :slight_smile: ,every time you launch it , let that sink in for a second .
Other then that ,most of the devices haven’t aged soo well and it doesn’t bring me anything that I can’ to in reakotr or pure data or any other decent program -vst .
So a gentle reminder , we as renoise users are so spoiled with the simple registration process .
ONline when launching a program , the fucktards : ) , thank god I got it for a modest price of 75 euro

Rant over

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I got a few plugins that I legit own but I’d rather crack the shit out of them just to avoid iLok.

Internet connection goes out and suddenly plugin stops working. It’s so stupid.

It’s not ilok , it’s constant online login

Install cracked version then?

No cracked soft on my pc since 2010 , that was the year I saw the light :slight_smile:
As it is right now , Reason 10 is absoutly useless …fuck them

“Just for fun, I built a dirt road from my house to the market, but my shoes keep getting dirty when I take it, so fuck dirt roads!”

If I had known I had to be online all the time , I wouldn’t have bought it , my bad I should have investigated but little didI know .
I have Two programs that require online regitsration ONce , that’s reaktor and studio one .( the latter is just used as a glorified mp3 exporter :slight_smile:
Fuck Reasonstudios for using these kind of tactics to make people upgrade .

Well, if you own a license, you could install the cracked, since it usually has no online requirement and works offline like it should.

Because then nobody would be harmed and everybody also happy.

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