I bring you four taps 2 lines

Out of the frustration with the current multitap delay …no delay time interpolation …polarity bug …
I thought well , lets build my own one in reaktor and I have to say …it’s a beauty …and sounds fantastic …
So this will keep us and me going untill karaken /gore fixes the bugs …

4 input taps …2 stereo interpolated delay lines …and some filters …and some nice overdrive …

No reaktor users here ??
I updated the delay …now has a huge modulation amount …;for pitch shift effects .and a funky gui
Anyway …;also a microtonic clone without the sequencer and the bandpass isn’t as steep as microtonic , a chebby shev shaper , and a 64 partial modal instrument …
been bussy lately .
Enjoy …
And they all have a gorgeous gui


new sine shaper/ tanh overdrive

Go get it , you want it

This is how our native renoise multitap delay could have been …

yo, can you elaborate on that shaping function? would like to play with it outside reaktor.
(namely, what are a, b, and c)?

well depends …

simple example a*b
a=audio input
b= gain factor .

tanh curve is

((exp (A* +1))
Means the exponential value of audiogainfactor -minus 1/exponential value of audio inputgainfactor+1
b are smillies

This one ,is actually a transfer function taken from robins chmidt func.shaper and then recreated in reactor core
x= is audio input
a=variable amount between 0 and 0.2
b = idem, but between 0 and 3
c = idem between 0 and 3
For some reason b turned intos millies

Now the coolthing about function shaper is that you can write the equation as a word …I think programming languagees also allow you to do that
Hyperbole shaper like in renoise
Meaning audio input multiplied by gain factor / absolute value of audio input*gain factor minus 1
Then we could write this equation as
sin(whalesex ) =compute sine function of whalesex
Means whalesex trough sineshaper

update 1.2
al reay 616 downloads …

I’m not familiar with Reaktor at all, but when you say you want to play with it outside Reaktor i get a bit confused. Do i not need Reaktor to use this or what do you mean?

yes you need reaktor …

You don’t need reaktor for the shaping function
learn cc+ or use this .
and insert the code
Or any other other program …like plogue bidule .etc…also has an integrated function generator …

Ah my own reaktor page on the renoise forum …
IHere’s a microtonic clone …made it a year ago