I Can Now Die, A Happy Man.

renoise 2.5 is like living to see your children grow successful and happy. like eating the last bite on a perfectly proportioned plate of your favorite dinner. like being in nature, post-orgasm, content and safe in your surroundings. like an atheist speaking with god, and being ok with it.

Well put!

What music would you like to be sounded through the speakers at your funeral?

on a side note, I have actually made the music for my funeral. You can listen to it on its album page here. I can’t be sure they will actually play it, though :)

You can be sure you won’t hear anything they play, even if they would play some horrible grunt opera so if you want o tease your family, pick something nobody wants to listen to :P

as long it’s coming out of renoise in real-time, my preference is flexible.

I most certainly share your enthusiasm, I, like many users here, am humbled by this development.

Thanks to all who made this possible.

i’m still truly ecstatic. this release has completely changed my life. let’s keep the bug reports flowing to ensure a flawless release for the masses!

I’d also like to add my thanks. Those new features are just incredible. I can’t wait to have more time at the weekend to try them out.

Renoise 2.1.0 was a truly remarkable piece of software, it amazes me that there was room for such improvements. The new 2.5.0 features just feel so ‘right’ too, it takes no time at all to feel at home with them. Thank you :)


had chime in …this release is indeed the best ever …

Ironic how many times this phrase is returning each release…