Worst Update Ever.

Why is renoise moving towards the windows-way of presenting shit!!!

Exept from the audio recording option and the mixer viw, this version seems to be the beginning of the end og the "tracker " renoise

I think ALL options should be accessible in the seperate windows in layers as they where…

And WAAAAAASSSSUUUUUUUUUUUP with flipping windows open and closed with the same key.

I remember back in the days of renoise 1.5.2 we could open AND close the sample editor with F2.

What theee f’******ck is up with that??

The options under preferences are set and forget type options. It makes perfect sense to seperate them from the rest of the GUI.
About the keys, you could suggest for all the view assignments to toggle between focus and close to previous, but your tone isn’t helping.
You can’t expect everything to be like it was.

Yes, it takes a little time to get accustomed to the new keyboard behaviour.
For the good old sake some global keys have been retained by keeping a local shortcut doing the same operation for it.

Try to get used to the preset function keys, set the keyboard focus to the area you want to have set focus to and rightclick upon the preset button to store the whole view and keyboard focus, this will at least soften the pain a bit.


I totally agree with the general idea to expand the interface and overhaul the shortcuts if necessary, bring it on.

f**** you, it’s the best release ever and YOU ARE THE WORST RELEASE EVER!!!1!

<------------ oldschool tracker

<------------ loves the latest version’s ui

<------------ thinks HaveSome should check out MilkyTracker

what a way to make friends :)

I think this new version is good. I didnt read any manuals or FAQs before using it and didnt have any trouble finding things…

Havesome, I believe your reaction has been a bit too instinctive. Give the GUI a chance, and you will rapidly get accustomed with it. I also missed the switching keys, but then again, now I’m perfectly fit into the new GUI, and honestly I could not get back from it to 1.5

This was actually one of the things I reacted on - the Preferences being harder to access, as I hate to browse around in menus when I want to solve a problem (f.ex. change a keyboard-setting etc). You do need to edit the settings in it from time to time. Atleast I do.

I solved it pretty easily though - added ALT-P as a shortcut to “Preferences”, and again it got easily accessable.

It is not 1995 anymore. I’m more than glad that renoise more and more goes forward to a modern more accessible GUI and leve that ugly FT2-stylish GUI behind… If Renoise shall keep on beeing the best tracker it can not afford to be conservative.

HaveSome. I can understand what you think about the new GUI. It has changed a lot but in fact, the new GUI is quite good. It’s just a matter of time to get the new features.

its the best new release ever , but i disagree with the idee to make ALL options controllable with hotkeys, this is really not needed.

but beside this: GREAT GREAT UPDATE!! KEEP UP PALS!!

Well most options became hotkey controllable, even the automation nodes became controllable…

the quality of the thread starter’s post is actually not even worth being read, let alone being commented.

It is just somebody who wants to blow off some steam.
That’s okay, but life goes on eventually.


and stfu

Have some medication and use FT instead!

Lol you guys.

You didnt get my point . The thing about Windows is that its not INTUITIVE… i didnt say anything about shortcut keys.

From my point of view the tracker should have all features accesible within a surtain area in the workspace.

bwahahaha, some of you should really reconsider your positions to talk " trash" aswel. Keith 303 LOL ,Bantaai LOL.

you are not forced to use this update. and i think you really have complained about hotkeys, thats the one thing which have really changed the behavior of renoise. the window thing which you mentioned is minor, the gui of renoise is a little bit better integrated in windows, so whats up with you?