I cannot play the tracks: they keep retriggering the first note

I am on MacOS Catalina 10.15.2 (19C57)
Renoise 3.4.2 (25th april built) basically
if i load a new track I can play it… but as soon as I stop it and press CMD to play again it keep retriggering on the first not.
Good to make glitch sounds, not for tracking

Thats weird! I’m wondering if your key is stuck? If you go into the mac keyboard prefpane, and turn off key repeat, does it still do that? I use 10.14 but there must be people who have used 10.15 since april that haven’t had this problem…could it possibly be the keyboard I’m wondering…have you tried a different keyboard? I hope you get this fixed, that would be so annoying! Does a previous version also do this, like 3.4.1 or a 3.3.2 version?

that was one of my first dubt… but i realised the key cannot be stuck because the first play is given with the same key and it works fine, and the same happens with with play command on renoise moving the mouse.
I ve not 3:41 and 3.3.2 was ok coz i used it for a long time. i think i ll have to roll back

3.2.1 is ok

I did another video and tested all versione from 3.3.x (working)
and the 3…4.x (all broken)

Hi. This looks like a MIDI clock feedback: Renoise sends and receives its own MIDI clock signal.

Have you set up some virtual MIDI clock routing in Renoise’s preferences?

Ah yeah, Try setting the sync in the upper bar of renoise to “internal” instead of “0 Links”

Thank @taktik & @kingdoobie - I set up the Midi-in from Iac driver to Renoise and the problem was fixed. Thanks!

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