I Cant Belive This



and another



i think people are making fun of the guy making fun of them. (at least some of them)
this can’t be true… :blink:

I actually belive it. They did a test of collage students in america (18-20 year olds) and only around 20% of them even knew where France was on the map, and almost as bad with capital cities.

i dont know, at least it didnt seem to me like they are trying to make fun of him…

But that made me wonder… maybe they didnt want to invade to Irak afterall maybe they just missed Australia :lol:

and something for it-alians ;)


haven’t watched tvtotal for months (if not years).
and i also meant people actually really answering to the question which land to invade next. wtf? :blink:
i would start like uhmmm: where are we? wait a moment…think REAL HARD while searching with the finger on the map… or something like that… :rolleyes:


I think something like this is possibly true:
I’m european, and if you would ask me “where exactly Montana is?”… well… I would not be able to answer. Of course I know it’s in the USA, but where exactly? So I understand that for some USA people, knowing where France exactly is can be difficult, even though France has much more “personality” as a single nation rather than Montana.

Also, plane flights could be paradoxically another reason for this to happen: by travelling in a plane, you probably have less consciousness about your travel.

Media also have a lot of responsibility.

Cool :)

@ IT-Alien: What you might forget in your last posting is, that even if you would not know where “Montana” is, you would point on the northern part of the continent called America. At least you would not point on south-america with brazil or Cuba or Argentina.

Some people in America would not even know where Europe is. Of course, most of them would know I guess…

The funniest thing I had with American citizens was, when we had a school-exchange and those kids were slightly impressed that Volkswagen and BMW is also manufactured in Germany. And they were truly amazed that Hitler is dead already. In fact, they did not even know we had a democracy here.

HArahar… this was fun… specially this one:

  • Supposedly the North Koreans have nuclear missiles that could reach all the way to California, but let’s find out which part of California before we get too panicked.
    (Answer:ofcourse they go to Chinatown :D)

Its probably true, but he could and probably did asked many people and only used those that gave him stupid answers.

Atleast I hope so othervise it is a bit scary.

But it is probably very likley he asked more people than showed because in the video there is not a single intelligent answer and thats not very belivable or likley.

I think it would acctually have had been more intressting and belivable if he/they included intelligent answers too.

As it is now it´s acctually good produced propaganda…Anti american propagande.

Anyway it is bothering because it would probably be very very hard to get that stupid answers from Europeans…
And it is bothering because it scares me that they don’t seam to have any clue about the rest of the world.

Which means that they can be easily fooled to attack any country by their presidents…

exactly my thoughts too.
you can filter things out to get the response you want…