I Cant Find Instruments

guys I read this half attempt at a tutorial and to someone who has no experience with trackers this program needs a much better tutorial. I dont know where to get instruments from, I thought some came with the program but I cant load an instrument to start working with, I read the tutorial, checked in the folder marked instruments under renoise and nothing. ech, Im at my wits end just trying to get started. Please someone help me, thank you
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There are no instruments included with Renoise, you have to get them yourself but hey.

There are lots of free really nice vst instruments (software synths) that you can download and use with Renoise.

To get you started go here and start download!

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Then install them in Renoise DSP directory and then start using them.

Also read the manual and look on this forum to find samples and help.

And yes this program do needs some beginners tutorials…Maybe I should write one.

… And don’t post your e-mail address, unless you love spam… :) :) :)

Good luck with your Renoise experience :)


It’s easy as hell, just play around with it and watch others examples (beatbattles entries .rns files, just open in renoise and have a look)

Check this thread too…

Happy music to you!!