I Can't Keep Track Of All These Passwords!

How does anybody remember? Passwords for facebook, twitter, your computer, your phone, your user account at several different music software companies… forum accounts, and email, and gmail, and ymail, and hotmail, and live, and your own dot com…

Its lunacy… I think I am trying to remember 30 different passwords…

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Check out Keypass. Once you’ve used this, you’ll never again want to be without it. :)

Yeah, same here.

I’m trying this right now… Open source, encrypted! great idea, thanks


Or get one of 'em small personal phone/adress-books with an alphabetized index. Write down the site, with the corresponding login and password, at the first letter of the site.

voila an offline place for all your passwords. Impossible to hack.

OR if you have an iPhone; get the Codebok-app.

Uh-oh. All your data like home banking accounts etc. with no encryption at all? I wouldn’t do that. I get the offline idea, but what if someone breaks into your house and steals the cute little thingy? :ph34r:

Many of mine, that I don’t particularly care about like forum account, have the same password. Then I have a dozen or so unique ones for more sensitive places and anything to do with money. I use my brain to remember them. Works much of the time but maybe not quite always…

use a single password and add to it some encrypted reference to the site to which the password belongs.

example: your unique password is “p123”.

for renoise.com it could be “rp123”, for gmail.com it could be “gp123”, and so on

This or some other mechanism you can do:pick the site-name, leave out the vowels and add your birthdate to it (or something similar).

Who said anything about “no encryption”? You can always write everything in Klingon or in pig-latin. Put a retina lock on it and build a vault in the basement where you can put it.

Alright, if you do that. ;)

Keepass has been mentioned before.
It’s such a cool open-source goodie. Windows, Linux, Mac OS (and some ports to iOS and Android exist).
It helps me have unique 20+ character passwords for every site. And strong one indeed with a-z A-Z 0-9 and special characters.
All this — “Your head is your best vault” is old school. I don’t mind having a logically made password. One master password, that you keep in you head. Something 20 characters long.
Yeah, that’s the way I do it. But I leave the rest to the all mighty random. ^_^
I have lots of registrations, and I don’t think that some shit sites deserve qwerty123 or uiop kind of password. And prefixes stuff is also not so secure. What if someones, hacks a site there i have a Zblahblah123 password. They can always try for fun something like Tblahblahblah for Twitter, or Fblahblahblah for Facebook. Well and in fact that’s not even the reason. I’m just lazy to do something more than «generate a new 20-24 characters password for me» :rolleyes:


From keepass’s site:
“In contrast to many other hashing algorithms, no attacks are known yet against SHA-256.”

That’s very misleading, actually it’s complete BS. google “crack SHA-256”, for starters.

I recommend pick a method, keep it in your head and dont tell people on web forums what methodology you use.