I can't select any VSTi anymore

Hello. I’m trying to select a VSTi instrument to use in a song, but the “instrument” box in the Plugin tab is frozen to “No Plugin Loaded” and nothing happens when I click it.

My plugin folder is correctly set up in Preferences. As a proof of this: when I open an old song I made that uses a VSTi (Dexed), Dexed appears in Renoise and works fine. But if I try to change it to another instrument (still within that old song)… Nope. The instrument box is still frozen - this time frozen to “VST: Dexed”, and I can’t select any other VSTi instrument.

Do you know what might be happening ?

[EDIT: Renoise 3.2.1, Win10)

What version of Renoise are you using? What operating system?

Right. Sorry I didn’t mention it: Renoise 3.2.1 x64, Windows 10.
I can’t remember if that older song was originally created in the same version (though it was a version 3.x for sure), but the OS was always Win10, same build.

Maybe you have hidden it by accident, to check, open the instrument plugin list and do a rightclick and select “Show hidden devices”. If that was the case you can “Unhide” it by rightclicking a plugin and select “Unhide”.

You’re talking about the topmost menu box in the plugin pane, just below the pin icon, right?
The problem is I can’t open it. Nothing happens when I click on it, with either mouse button.
It’s not even greyed out. It just doesn’t work.

Have you tried clearing/deleteing the Renoise VST cache database files and rescanning the plugins?

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Is that the “Rescan” button in the Prefences > Plug/Misc box ?
It doesn’t help.

Yes, but did you also try…

before hand?

You can probably see the files I’m talking about if you go to the Help menu and select ‘Show the Preferences Folder…’ Two files like ‘CachedFailedVSTs_x64.db’ and ‘CachedVSTs_x64.db’. If you were to delete those two files (make sure Renoise is closed first) you would force a rescan of all your plugins when you next load Renoise. Not saying it will help though in your case.

I should have thought of that. But anyway, I just tried it, and it doesn’t help either.
I guess I’ll try reinstalling Renoise and see what that does…

Do you have all administrator rights set up?

Root admin is the only account on my PC. So, yes.

So we are to assume that you tried reinstalling Renoise (I would’ve just completely deleted the Renoise config directory and reinstalled) and for the past over 20 days have still got no vst selection button going(?)