I Can't Use Stereo Panning?!

I never had this problem before but it started the other day!! No matter what I do everything just comes out mono?! I must have switched something somewhere but I don’t know what! Please help :blink:

Does everything come out mono from all the tracks or it’s only the master track? Check the meters in mixer view. Do other applications output stereo? Maybe it’s something with your sound-card settings (some interfaces have the option to output mono).

I deleted the other topic it was double posted.

ok ur right its not renoise! But damn! what the hell is wrong with my soundcard? It says it should be coming out stereo! :(

More information about your system could be a start for people pointing you in the right direction. Currently we don’t even know if you’re on Windows/OSX/Linux. Or what soundcard it is. etc…

its all good im gonna take my laptop down to the local hack shop and they’l help me!