I Challenge You!

Well, another night, another 1 minute ditty. I’m off to Hamburg this weekend and doubt I will be getting any tracking done, but why don’t YOU try this one for size??

First of all, for the lazy ones here’s the mp3. And for the inept, have a go at this RNS-file. It’s all sampled by me (mostly from a white wine bottle,the kick is my shoes, a slap is my hands). No vst.

Have fun, look forward to see if anybody did anything when I come back! :P

okay just a little quicky :P

My Try LOL


unexpected end of file… :(
Try re-uploading it?

Hamburg is looking good. :)

Packed with rar… and changed the url … so it should work now… strange… it keeps hanging while uploading RNS files…rar and mp3 work fine…

strange system config over there i guess…

The dude sleeping in the bed next to me said it reminded him of stomp. :P

Personally I thought more “wall of sound”, do more!

the mp3 file is corrupt… :(

That’s strange… It works here, anybody else had that problem?

no, mp3 works fine for me aswell.
nice samples, btw!
so here’s my “challenge” ;)
mykork [ogg, 4,23MB]
i’m currently having problems connecting to my webspace, so the RNS will follow later.

wow… sounds cool man, techno rules :P lol… but could be a nice intro to a hardstyle song too, the first minute and then a big fat bass haha

thanks mate!
so here’s the
RNS [0,3MB]

Exellent, Keith. :)

I should do these sample-sessions more often!

The mp3 plays a single click sound that lasts maybe 20 milliseconds.

heh, cool project :P

Are you able to download the RNS?

The rns file worked, but I don’t know what settings you had the vintagewarmer set to, since I only have the demo–you paid $150 for a software eq with an analog noise generator??! You must have money to throw away–hey, send some my way! :) :) And I thought Cubase was expensive for what it does.

Renoise is such a great deal! :)

The tune reminds me of Stomp as well. It would be cool to hear it expanded into a bigger song. Keep it up.

Here’s a remix, or an addition or whatever one wants to call it…


My turn to not have any of your plugins, hehe… I found lightbag II and Cheese Machine, but “bs” and “gtg7x” are a slight mystery for me…

Haha, Sagosen, you started a great thing!
Nice experiments over here. And keith…I’m really not into Minimal but your song got me grooving so much, I’m hearing it the second time now :)


It’s a huge file, but it’s a compilation of all the free vst’s I have at this time…