I decided to sing. WIP

Hey there. I just used the sampler to sing something in Renoise. Drums are the Cakewalk-Drums, Bass is from cakewalk, too. Vocals recorded and mixed in Renoise.


You have made a bad decision :smiley:Now seriously you sound good and you have a good starting point here just finish it.

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Yes, despite the weird text “We are going to the world outside, we all know it’s gonna shine so bright” (with the best will in the world I absolutely cannot agree that the world is shining) this could become some cool easy listening stuff. It also sounds good through speakers already.

Maybe I can learn something: How do you record vocals in Renoise?

I always recorded vocals with a freeware recorder called No23 recorder, but now I’ve got another microphone with a XLR cable which is connected to my audio interface, and when I record something it only can be heard in the left channel so that I have to copy the left to the right to get a “stereo” signal. I also would like to create some vocal stuff again. Recording within Renoise would be nice. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hehehe. Yes, that was improvised and is dumb af but I had fun.

I record vocals in mono and I only pickup the signal from the left channel. But I usually sing 2 or 3 takes and play them together while one is panned 100% left and the other one is panned 100% right which gives the vocal recording some nice depth.

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I wasn’t expecting to like this when I heard the first few bars, but I do…Awesome, and your voice is fine :slight_smile:

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