I did a thing and now my tracks are sporadically muted. Why?

I was messing around with effect commands when suddenly I found my pattern irreversibly borked. I checked for everything I know of so far, but cannot figure out why only the 2 notes on track 2 are playing. Maybe someone who knows what they are doing can have a quick look? Thanks!

Your instrument has an internal DSP effect chain.

When a DSP chain is used within the instrument, the samples can no longer be freely played on any given track as they usually can, they are instead being routed through the internal DSP chain and mixed down to a single stereo audio output.

This single stereo output cannot be played on multiple different tracks simultaneously, it can only play through a single track at any given time, much like a VST synth with a single stereo output.

When you have the notes placed on multiple different tracks anyway, Renoise will simply try to “steal” the audio and force it through whichever track played the most recent note, which often doesn’t work so well.

But there’s not much else we can do in this case. You either have to play all your notes on a single track, or you have to set up some more advanced routings within the instrument, to send each of your desired sounds through their own dedicated DSP chains where they can be processed individually, and then route those chains out to dedicated tracks.

Fixed version: 8115 pianothing1-fixed.xrns

I think the reason is because you have an effect chain on instrument 0 (electric red). Instead of having that instrument playing across different tracks, move the notes into just one track. Instruments with effect chains can’t play simultaneously across tracks (neither can vsts) :slight_smile:

See the fellow above, talk about simultaneously posting :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the responses. I found where per-instrument DSP chains are configured. I can reproduce that deleting them fixes my issue, so does moving all notes onto the same track.

So I see you (dblue) chose to fix the issue by moving the notes onto one track; but you must also have done something else. If I rig your fixed version and again put the notes on different tracks, the chords play fine despite the instrument still having an internal DSP chain. What’s going on?

Just to make sure, we’re talking about this, right?


Also uploaded my rigged version which works when, by your explanation, it should not.

Sorry for being a massive noob and thanks for your help!

EDIT: @4Tey: Nice going the extra mile. :smiley: Still got some learning to do to kick up stuff like that.

I think you’ll find Zyl that it just looks that way. Sometimes (few times) you can ‘get away’ with spanning the instrument across multiple tracks. However (as you’ve found yourself) the chances are you will run into trouble at some point, so it is best to follow the rule and keep the instrument in one track. For example if we take your last example and drop Track 2’s volume right down you’ll find that Renoise will now start to cut the volume of the other tracks with that instrument on due to the allocation of the instrument with an effect chain (or vst for that matter) (see example).

@4Tey: Nice going the extra mile. :smiley: Still got some learning to do to kick up stuff like that.

No trouble, you’ll do much better than that :slight_smile:

What’s going on?

In your first example it seems that the volume of Track 05 has been lowered to -33.62 dB at some point — possibly while trying to debug the weird behaviour?

Since Track 05 is the last one to play a note in the chord (tracks are processed internally from left to right), that’s where Renoise tries to route the final audio from the instrument, but… Track 05 is of course almost totally silent, so at first glance it seems like nothing is happening at all :slight_smile:

I initially overlooked the volume problem to be honest, since I just shifted the notes over to the left and removed some of the unused tracks from the right.

Ah I totally missed the -33dB because I was only looking at the final mixer control with the volume and pan slider. Thanks to both of you! The lesson really sticks when I go Sherlock Holmes for 3 hours prior. smashed.gif

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