I did a Youtube tutorial about Amens on Renoise for PRSPCT Records

Hi all,

I made this tutorial on Amens and Renoise with my personal workflow for the PRSPCT Records channel, please check, and show your support in the comments if you like it! :slight_smile:

I’m planning on more Renoise related content for the channel, (I mean my entire career revolves around it and its predecessors, tracking is central to everything I do).

I really want to impart how efficient and great Renoise is and shine a spot light on trackers, and I’m curious to see how this goes down with their community.

(also Edouard whats with the 7F though ? :wink: )

Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6NEZvAVgY4




The 7F thing might be because you have computer keyboard velocity enabled(?) You could try disabling this fellow to stop Renoise from also placing a volume with each note input.


Man a video you did long time ago made me interested in Renoise and I really hope you do more.Thanks

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which fonts are you using - and how to change them? :slight_smile:

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Thanks 4tey! Cant stop the wheels of progress I guess :wink:
I mean why would a keyboard keystroke with no predefined velocity = 80 hex ?

7F my friend.

Actually its an 8bit mono font, specifically one I used to design the Renoise GUI in 2002, thought some of you might pick up on that :wink:

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how can i apply that to my renoise instance? Thank you in advance!

Thats not possible anymore I’m afraid, in fact the entire font engine has been reworked since v3.2.0 as far as I know. You get various font size options to help with accessibility, but thats about it as far as I know.

RESPECT CELSIUS, me and friends have learned so much from your modules.
I copied some of your sequencing into this tune,

it kind of modulates throughout it.
Thankyou so much for the ability to learn from Source

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As a longtime junglist but first time producer, thanks for this! Renoise has a pretty steep learning curve and Bizzy B’s tutorials have been a useful starting point, but it’s good to see you going a bit deeper into it. I love the harder end of jungle so this is just what I’ve been looking for :slight_smile:

Is there a reason that you use sample offset commands to trigger your hits rather than adding slice markers to the sample and just triggering them from mapped keys? I prefer slice markers because I can position them exactly where I want them to get the most precise cuts, and since they’re all automatically mapped to keys I can just hit F3 or B3 on my MIDI keyboard to trigger the different snares rather than having to remember arcane hex numbers.

Is it just a force of habit for you since you’ve been using trackers for years and slice markers were only added to Renoise (relatively) recently, or is there some benefit to using offsets rather than slice markers?

I guess one of the big benefits is that you can leave it looping

Ah interesting, I didn’t realise that if you triggered an offset and it played out to the end of the sample it’ll loop back to the start, whereas it won’t if it’s triggered from a slice marker. Makes sense though I guess :slight_smile:

I suppose it’s not really such an issue for chopping amens though, because when you’re triggering a new slice every couple of lines the master sample rarely gets the chance to play out to the end anyway.