I did.. something. Now my Renoise won't play any audio at all, but only when my song is loaded

It is a very simple song so far, just a few tracks but I’d rather not redo the whole thing. I opened a different song, copied a track, loaded this one and pasted it. I hit play, and realized I didn’t have a sample for the new track, so I loaded one and then… nothing. I thought it was my computer so I saved and rebooted, now when I load that song, and only that song, there’s no audio at all. Even clicking on the sample or instrument on the right where you can preview the sounds by clicking them makes no sound at all. Hitting the keyboard to play notes, nothing, no sound. What happened?

check how your mst is set.

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D’oh! Thank you! No idea how I managed that.

We’ve all been there, it’s all good.

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