I Didn't Like Dubstep

I’ve just come back from a helluva week on Roskilde Festival. One of the highlights was Saturday when Scream, Benga, and Shackleton combined their sets. The sound was massive (d&b speakers), the crowd all tired and wired, and the whole thing turned into an old-school rave toward the end of the Shackleton set. Simply one of the best experiences I’ve had with electronic music so far.

So if you catch them playing somewhere near you, don’t hesitate to go!


nothing quite beats a proper heavy dubstep set. fact

name 3 HEAVY dubstep tracks please … :confused:
dubstep is too mellow for my tastes…

actually saw Scream and Benga two weeks ago,
was quita bit of fun, but yeah… after two hours, I need
a break… literally ;)

I can’t name 3 off the top of my head because I’m still a dubstep n00b in general, but FuX put me onto a really nice group recently called Broken Note:

Check the tracks “Dubversion” and “Mortal Bass” on their myspace player (blech, I know).

They’ve also put up a mix set which has a lot of really nice tracks in it:
“Broken Note Dubstep Set Live @ SeasonFive Mix”

I’m definitely more into this darker, heavier, atmospheric side of things!

check out ebola - painkillers (preview on myspace from the mutant dubstep vol1) - (gonna be fucking ace)
or caspa and rusko - myspace here
though check out rusko’s sub soldiers release gone 2 far/2naq for proper overboard lfo madness
also i’m a big fan of skream (bahl fwd always makee me gurn)


Most dubstep sets I’ve heard become too much of the same thing after an hour.
But Roskilde was different, soo many ingredients in that mix.

BTW: Shackleton is going to play here in 3 weeks. This time, the venue has room for 100 people, and not 5000. Hehe, that’ll be fun!

Saw him in a similar venue. It was a BBQ. I was eating hotdogs and burgers over the decks while he was dropping dubplates.

Good times.

shackleton is amazing! one of my favorite dubstep producers :) As far as heavy goes, check out zomby. his track “gloop” for me is about as heavy as it comes. also the ruskie remix of zomby’s track “spliff dub” on hyperdub, is incredible. It’s got a bit of a lofi, chiptune-ish lead but sounds so, dirty and ghetto at the same time. Its so simple, but i dont know how they do it!

Boxcutter aka Barry Lynn