I Don´t Say Merry Christmas




Is there a prettier language than german?

Well, it doesn’t look interesting anyway.
I guess only Germans can say something for it.
I can understand a few words what they rap but not enough to understand the full concept, but actually it doesn’t really sounds like my kind of humor.

really? I think it’s kind of a “commanding” language. You can phrase a kind request in a way that it sounds like a command and/or vice versa. It’s weird.
Roman languages are much nicer. :)

yes, Portuguese! ;)

and btw, “feliz natal” dudes!

Feliz natal AVB. O que será que o papai Noel vai deixar debaixo da árvore? ^^

:) Sqeetz, you speak Portuguese dude? :yeah:

But let me answer yer question in English so the other can understand. Santa left me an early present: a Korg Padkontrol. Which I’ll start using as soon as I get home from work (leaving work now). Can’t wait for this holiday break (a whole week)!

I’m taking off buds.

talk later?

what are you guys getting from Santa?

I moved with my parents to Germany as I was 12. Lived in São Paulo btw. Still have a lot of relatives living in Santos / São Vicente. :) We lived really near the Airport Congonhas.
I could pull off some broken spanish too. ^^ (or like my mom use to say: portoñol ;) )

I got myself Directwave from Imageline for Sampling stuff, and a Graphic tablet my parents are getting for me for drawing and cool Windows navigation stuff. :)

Funny. German as a “command”-language. So, we do not get away from the dumb germans in those Indiana-Jones-Movies who only can say “Achtung” or “Nicht betreten” :)

Anyway - I wish you guys all the best and a nice new-years-eve in year '007

What I mean is a sentence like: “Sie möchten jetzt bitte aufstehen”. It sounds kinda wrong to my ears.It is clearly no kind request to get up neither clearly a command. It’s Like persuading somebody of wanting to get up. I think it’s weird sometimes. :)

Sorry for OffTopic. :(

Perhaps this one suits better: