I Don't 'get Recorder Sliders

Hi all

I’ve been working on mapping my PCR-300 out in Duplex and I really don’t understand the ‘sliders’ in Recorder and because of this I have no idea how to map them.

The manual states “the sample-select sliders are used for switching between recordings”. The manual also makes a distinction between pressing a ‘Recorder Button’ for a track and pressing a ‘Sample Slot’. Are the “Sliders” the buttons you press when the manual speaks of “selecting a sample slot”? In that case, if you have the choice, you’d want them on a button, right?

The PCR has two rows of buttons (x) with a row of dials (o):

o o o o o o o o
x x x x x x x x
x x x x x x x x

I’ve mapped the recorder buttons to the lowest row and assigned the ‘sliders’ to the dials - based on the description as ‘sliders’. Right now I’ve only been able to get the ‘long press’ quick record to work, i.e. the recorder buttons. Obviously they are not the buttons the manual means when it speaks of selecting a sample slot. Because I don’t know what the elements that the manual describes as “Sliders” really do I can’t tell what the problem is (if there is one at all).

Based on how I feel Recorder probably works I feel I maybe should map the ‘sliders’ to the second row buttons instead, giving me one clip per track but a normal workflow? If that’s correct, “Sliders” is a pretty confusing description in this context.

I’m sorry, if I had a grid controller I could probably test this out myself, but I don’t. Any help is appreciated…

It’s not necessary to have a grid controller, although the Recorder application is perhaps a bit easier to use with such a device.
Quoting from the manual:

In essence, what this means is that Instead of just pressing a button to activate a particular recording, you have to turn the dial in order to reach the desired sample.
This is obviously not quite as intuitive as having e.g. 3 clearly distinguishable buttons, each one representing a different take.

Duplex makes it possible to map a slider to some buttons instead of a fader or dial - I can see how it might sound strange to refer to a slider in such a case, but functionally, that’s what you get - a bunch of buttons which together act as if they were a slider. And yes, it should work with even a single button, just toggling on and off.
So, when you’re suggesting to map the slider to the second row of buttons, yes that might be worth trying out.

Thank you! That’s all the clarification I needed. Recorder is an awesome tool and almost bridges the one major shortcoming left in Renoise… :)