I Don't Know What It's Called Or Where It Is

is there a way, you can open up about 3 collumns in a track to make chords (as you normaly do)

but you select somthing (which im sure is there) and it jumps to the next column (to the left) to place your second note for the chord?

it’s a workflow thing

When you’re in edit mode, hold down Left Shift and then press the notes in the chord, ie. LShift + C + E + G.
This will automatically expand the note columns for you, and when you release the keys it will jump back to the first note column where you can enter another chord.

oh WOW WOW WOW, never even knew of this!!!

you have made my night!! thanks you.

i thought it was a button

thanks again

PS, im so glad i have a midi keyboard too!! :)