I dont like vocoders

I dont like vocoders…
…i love them

I have made a little vocoder test. It’s very simple… using a drumrythm as modulator and a synth track to be modulated. Nothing special… but I just love vocoders… :walkman:/>
Listen here: Vocodertest short

Its only a draft. I may do some more work on it. Mabye add some more instruments or so…

Not to be rude or anything, but it sounds like ABBA without vocals on a bad amplifier system and blown mid speakers throug a ventilation system under water. :unsure:
I’m not shure what you want to achieve, so it’s hard to give some good advice here, but i’d say you need to do fill in some stuff that is not vocoded, because the sound is quite far out. :D
A drum rythm would spice things up a bit and some bass would maybe get you close to what you want perhaps?

Agreed. Its pretty basic right now. Plus, since its a vocoder demo, I was expecting to hear some audible words/vocals. But, in any event…happy experimenting.

You sent a drumloop through vocoder as a formant and used a changing chords as carrier? That’s pretty cool trick for giving melodic instruments some rhythm, similar to acoustic guitar strumming. It doesn’t really count as a song, but I would love to hear what you could do while using this effect in a complete song with bass and drums and some other effects.

Vocoder can be used for many more things other than vocals, it’s good to explore the possibilities.

Thankyou for your comments and taking time to hear my experiment :)/>/>

Yes, its quite ‘rough’ with only one track. I may find something to add sometime…

The “trick” to use rythm vocoder to modulate instruments is clearly inspirated from “Telex”.
I have always loved their version of this song…
The vocoder trick is very obvious ;)/>/> (and the voice too, ofcause…)