I Don't Want Loose My IT Songs !

well, this really shouldn’t be put in here but but since most of you come from tracked software…
After i used Impulse Tracker a few years i stopped making music for a while, but recently i discovered Renoise, some other recent trackers and a bunch of reborn sites and found out that the Scene community was beginning to be more active again, so i started to explore Renoise and it’s pretty damn slick :)

But now with the windows xp, Impulse Tracker doesn’t work anymore so i tried VDMSound and managed to put it at full speed again, playing correctly my songs, really reminds me that those were the days, anyway, i want to export them to MP3 or WAV so i don’t loose the songs over the years with windows changing it’s OS from time to time. I tried some software that enables to record any audio playback on the PC but the second i start recording and then playing the song on IT it starts to make clicks and stops. Does anyone knows a way to record IT files to MP3, i tried other winMODplayers like xmplay and Modplug Player, but they don’t play some of my songs correctly.


You could also try an analogue solution, hook up some recording device to your mixer. And convert the recordings to wav/mp3 later on.

If you actually had a registered version of Impulse Tracker with the WAV export enabled, you could try running IT under DOSBox.

i already tried with DosBox, and actually is even worse…

I’ve gotten IT to work both using DosBox and VDSMSound.

I also just love to import IT songs into Renoise and remixing and re-mastering them, that’s basically what I’m doing with Renoise at the moment.
There are some things that get screwed up when imported to Renoise, but nothing that some love won’t fix. (NNA’s incomatibility, strange envelope mappings).

Also, exporting tracks to MIDI and importing to Cubase is a good way to reycle your IT tracks.

XMPlay is pretty much balls on accurate on most of my .IT tracks and I did some exotic stuff with IT, isn’t it just a configuration issue for you
that it doesn’t play them back correctly?

Good luck!

Impulse Tracker works really fine on VDMSound, the clicking/stopping actually starts when i push the record button on the other software on windows…

it seems that it doesn’t support two softwares at the time that work directly on the sound or something…

check this song, it as the source file (IT) and the MP3 file to compare, finally listen it on Impulse tracker and see how different that sounds …

Mauro : If I rememeber correctly, you can record to wav also using VDMsound. I haven’t run it in a while though. I also think DOSBOX has this feature (in other words, it will stream to wav at the same time as you’re using the program).

Yes, in DosBox it is CTRL+F6 to start capturing wavs and the same key to stop the capture. Do not know for VDMsound though, havn’t used that for years.

Damn, DosBox really works terrible :angry:
I’ll try again <_<

ok, i found the way to start the wavewriter thing on VDMSound but stills clicks from time to time… :(

finally, i did it :yeah:
had to put the buffer up to 750ms and find a raw converter
thanx ppl