I Fell In Love ^_^

!!! http://www.kiritsu.com/protracker/ !!! :) :) :)

just… whoaa B)

Look very charming, but Its abit like inventing the wheel for the 5th time…And why would one wont to go back?


Its like digging out a rotten corpse, attaching a few strings to arms and feet and playing it like a puppet. “look ! I am alive”. What do I care.

this the other end of the line that renoise is on. and I wont go back there, surely not. and all this retro-hype really pisses me off. 95% of all the stuff in the past is bad. no matter at what “category” you look.
there are few things which are still great after a decade or more has passed (like a few SNES games (Final Fantasy), 70s Funk and Jazz, Buster Keaton Movies, Twin Peaks and so on), but protracker is none of it.

I know, but doesnt FT2 do a good job at this ? a while ago I did some musics for a java game with an xm-player, I made those XMs in Madtracker and then finished them in FT2.
Anyway, you are right, maybe it is not for me.

i’m actually guilty of still using oldskool tracking practices… even with renoise heh… think i’m not even reaching 70% of renoise’s features!

I used the very first SoundTracker on my Amiga, back in 1987, which eventually turned into ProTracker. Coming to think of it… that means I’ve been tracking for some 16 years now. :blink:

Eventually I started to use Impulse, which really blocked me from mastering Renoise. It might be different if all those years were spent on FastTracker.

There are so many commands in Renoise that I can’t reach it’s full potential either. Don’t know if I want to, to be honest. All those particular commands just don’t register in my Impulse riddled brain, it seems! :lol:

I also had a weird running cursor problem with Renoise, but I’ll be sure to test any new versions that come out. Anyhow, I switched to FLStudio a while ago, but keep returning here since it’s a manageable forum with friendly users. :D

The people on the FLStudio forum are quite rude and so is the main developer (they seem to have only one programmer). Renoise is a breath of fresh air in that regard, even if I don’t use it (at this time).

I was into IT for years, it was all I used before Rebirth came along, and even then I still used it frequently. I don’t really understand what you’re saying here. The transition from IT to Renoise came very naturally for me. I wouldn’t have registered it if it didn’t. Unless there’s something I’m missing…

Granted the editing took a little getting used to, but not much.

I agree with Looza that this is totally useless, because there are some other trackers out there that allow for XM saving and stuff… (Sk@le etc.)

However, it doesn’t pisses me off.

But I don’t agree with you Looza when you say “95% of all the stuff in the past is bad”. Let me explain my point:

My opinion is we should look at the past and see as “good” the things that brought something and/or helped rising some kind of art or whatever… Thus I would say that Protracker was VERY good, it gave birth to a lot of great talents, although I do agree it is pretty useless to get STUCK at those days. Anyway, Renoise does exist and there is no need to get sick at some oldschoolers.

Well, that was just my opinion, :)

“I don’t really understand what you’re saying here. The transition from IT to Renoise came very naturally for me. I wouldn’t have registered it if it didn’t. Unless there’s something I’m missing”

What I mean is that - compared to IT - the staggering amount of keyboard combinations really put me off. I felt like I needed to grow a new digit on each hand, to cope with the commands.

Apart from the aformentioned technical problem with a runaway cursor, I got frustrated at the encredible number of keyboard shortcuts, which all seem to subtly differ from what I had learnt and used for years and years.

Still, that was my problem to deal with and maybe, without the cursor problem, I’d have learnt Renoise by now. Not to slag on Renoise, but the one thing I found with FLStudio (which depends on mouse mostly) most things work like you think they would (should).

I’m happy using FLStudio, the one nasty bit is that the syncing of external gear like my TB-303 is basically utter crap, compared to the tight timing of Renoise.

Don’t write me off completely. :)

“But I don’t agree with you Looza when you say “95% of all the stuff in the past is bad”.”

There’s a wonderful saying that explains this completely: it’s hard not to patronise the past.

Which means that it’s natural to have a kind of arrogance mixed with pity looking back - this applies to fashion, technology, customs, language…

All you have to do is remember that “those backward days” were a necessary phase to get to our present time, with all it’s rewards and possibilities.

You should also remember that in a couple of years time people will look back and laugh at what must seem like pathetic software tools to them.

A bit of humility is the key :D

nah, what I meant and wrote is that few stuff from the past is still good. there is stuff that was good in the past, but is outdated or bad now. I am referring to classics, things that could keep their “great”-status over the time of a few or lots of years.

there are things which are merely “stepping-stones”, things that had their importance in the past but are now useless, and there are “classics”, things that still matter. imho, protracker is just a stepping stone.

"protracker is just a stepping stone. "

I would just remove the word “just” :D

Okay, I’m cutting it off :)

Alright, the navigation is questionable. Not too sure why the shift/ctrl/alt all start song play. Although, all of this is configurable I’m sure. I just haven’t bothered to do it. :D

So, why bother to use a hardware 303 anyway? Unless you got it back in the day before you had to pay $1000 to buy one. Just curious.

what i like to see on renoise ( and protacker has and had)
is the volume meter for Each channel.
i know it will be useless and cpu sucking when the Mixer is done, but still it looks very good to have all that light jumping when you press play. ( xmas tree anyone??)


“So, why bother to use a hardware 303 anyway? Unless you got it back in the day before you had to pay $1000 to buy one. Just curious.”

Well, back in 1988 I heard a track that featured the TB-303 and since then I was literally hooked on the sound.

I was in a group called the Acid Demons and released a lot of (sample based) acid tracks.

Took me until 1999 before I earned enough to fork out the 900 euros/dollars needed to get me a real one.

I’d first bought a Syntecno Teebee, which sound okay and has a truckload of connectors for old synths (I also have a SH-101 and MC-202) so I can control them all through MIDI.

But there is just something about that TB-303 sound that “gets me” and I don’t get it from software synths (even those that emulate the 303 like Rebirth or that very good Bassline VSTi that came out recently)

It’s the “wetness” and “broadness” and “dog pitch squelchy sound” of the original that makes me shudder with joy every time I play with it. :D The quirky programming is cool too.

The problem with FLStudio is that it doesn’t send MIDI Time Code (MTC) and my sync-box (that translates MIDI to SYNC24 that the TB-303 uses) needs it.

Nor do they seem very inclined to support MTC anytime soon. <_< Renoise was way better in that regard. I even tried to convince the programmer with an audio example:


The first example is Renoise. Then there’s a congasound… then FLStudio comes on (start and basic timing waaaay off). :angry:

I have since managed to circumvent the problem sort of-ish, but I’ll keep nagging them for better timing. The timing in FLStudio has improved, but only because I’ve been tweaking:


But like I said, I’ll keep trying Renoise since I love the hands-on experience of tracking B)

Haha, loved the conga-sound


It sounds like you like the 303 a bit more than I do. ;) So it makes sense that you would want a real one. I’m looking into getting a 909 actually, for exactly the same reason. That, or an Akai-MPC, can’t decide which. :)

A new fender j-bass would be nice too, but I digress.

I DO see your point, I guess I’m just not in love with the 303 enough to fork over $1000 for it. If I had been in the market in 1984, things would be different. And even though I was 8 years old at the time, believe it or not had I known of its existence I probably would have bugged my parents to get me one. Heh. :)

By the way, that track is cool as hell! As in, the way it is is cool as hell! Love the congas. Heh heh.

If I were a salesman, I’d go like, “No no no, it’s a totally different kind of wheel, see, our wheel is colored blue! It comes in a state-of-the-art color-matched gift wrap, which is made from recycled materials and includes a 4-year warranty, all for only $39.99! Now, you gonna buy it or what?”

I have said it before, that I agree. It really creates a nice feeling watching them when you play a song…And it makes the program look kind of hightech :)