I finally found a bug in renderer that can be reproduced


I was not looking for this bug, but wanted to render how small plugin can change chip sound and how to create some nice bass.

So inside ZIP you can find 2 files - xrns (of course) and “3rd bass” VST (if you don’t trust me as source - here is original source - link). First pattern is just chip sound without VST effect, second is with effect enabled.

And now - Renoise plays it proper. Then when you render in realtime - everything works. When you render in offline mode - Renosie hangs (when auto-suspend is enabled in plugin options) or generates silence when plugin is triggered to start (second pattern).

What is not typical in this example - I must change value of effect using envelope, because commands are limited and cannot be used for it.

I really want new Renoise version with better, fixed render.

I wonder if stuff like this happens because the vst developer has not tested the vst on the renoise platform.

I have two issues with the renderer both I suspect is due to the renderer not being reset properly.

  1. If you render a song then the renderer interpolate from where your current cursor position is in the song to the first line of the song, that quick transition is heard in your rendered wav file.

  2. I’ve asked the Spire developer twice to have a look at an issue where it’s first note isn’t being rendered unless the song use a very low BPM.

XTD I’ll have a listen later

If you want to use only VST tested in Renoise, then you’ll end with very small selection of VSTs. I saw only once VST instrument where Renoise was listed on compatibility list (Nexus).
But of course they all works.

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I fixed the render of the first spire note wit a “02” in the delay column, you won’t notice it!

Doesn’t work here. Are you testing with a long sound because a plucky sound can sound fine!?

The Spire render bug is fixed in the latest Spire 1.5.9 (Build 5177) update :smiley: