I Find Bugs Daily

my brother in-law is an exterminator, but he cant help me now because these bugs would not react to bug powder.
i enjoy using renoise but you would wonder why i would spend the time writing this when there are clearly better things to do (like using renoise)
when i find these bugs i dont report them, because the ppl involved do not understand me. so that means that in order for the bug to be reported and or fixed it must be reported by someone else that can translate the flaws, i encounter everytime i use renoise.
so i wonder if anyone else feels this way?
there are clearly names for every single function inside renoise, it certainly makes it hard for ppl new to tracking (like myself) to describe the problems we run into when we dont know what certain things are called. expecially makes it a problem when we encounter bugs, some might think its supposed to be that way, while others cannot believe its doing what its doing (like myself).

so, i dont mean for this thread to turn into another flame war. im just trying to figure out a way to communicate these flaws i/we/you run into better, so that people (like me) that depend on the creative flow that renoise offers can keep it flowing and continue to make tunes that couldnt be made with any other sequencer around, available, anywhere.

I don’t.

Just try to describe the best you can what you do when renoise goes buggy. Doing this will automatically activate a big “bug investigation team”. Just give some leads.
I think you can make the problems comprehensible without using “exact terminology”. The names provided by the tooltips and layman english should suffice in most cases. If other fancy “names” are needed, I’m sure other community members can fill that in.
Btw remember that it’s ultimately the devs who have the authority to determine whether a certain behaviour is a bug or not (for obvious reasons).
Happy reporting! :)

i dunno… i dont think this is a problem… Although my english is far ftom perfect i can manage to describe a “bug” good enough for ppl to understand… and if they dont then they ask what part was unclear and i will give it a second try…

this is just speculation, but in about 17 hours i think he’s gonna be like “april fools”!

try to describe problems by capturing some screenshot, whenever is possible, and/or by creating some test modules.