I Finished A Song?

BYTE-Smasher - Funk with me if you want to live

Oh hell yes, more like this please.

Why thank u kind sir

Funky Funky!!!

Not my type of music, but ravishing.

Some serious compressor mess here on the mastering making it annoying to listen to. I like the chipy industrial feel, but there seems too be a few too many granular cliches to really keep me that interested. The music is the best part, it has a stompy certainty about it that certainly is re-vistable.

Good to see you finishing stuff! A whole set of songs like this would be great, mastered better of course ;)

It’s funny that you say there are too many “granular” cliches… as I only used granular effects, in the form of timestreching via retrig, once in the entire song… right at the end, when the last hit is dying out :P

Oh so dirty! I need to take a shower after this one.

Good choice of instruments. It’s didn’t leave me with a chippy impression at all. Only one synth, but that could be said for any really that are a little on the thin side.

The arrangement is original.

How are your vocals? Could you blast some lyrics into a mic?

GREAT! When is your album coming out :P ?

I know you are not looking for this kind of validation from a commerical standpoint, but something like this with some crazy ass MSI style lyrics and you have a hit sound on your hands…

That was the idea… I’ve been trying to figure out how to perfect my dirt for ages… I crafted alot of the sounds in this track with meticulously tweaked effect chains.


That’s the plan eventually :P … I need a decent mic first though ;) … and I’m in debt with student loans atm so I’m not about to go blowing cash on pricey equipment

Heheh… after get more personal time and become less drained by work I guess. I’m eating more salmon so as to have more brainpowerz so we’ll see how that goes ;)

I’m very much interested in having a unique sound that reflects my personal musical taste and sonic vision. I don’t think I’ll ever produce commercially, but it would really be cool to produce music of the same caliber of a group like MSI, or ATR. I don’t care who likes my shit really… it’s all about what I like in my own music. Anyway, if i wanted my music to have an effect on people, I’d rather have it make waves than have it placate the masses. I kind of think that if too many people like your music, there’s something wrong.

You being meticulous shows. Great work.

No, someone remarked about a chip sound and I was assuming they were referring to a certain synth that sounds thin (not in a bad way). It sounds like an NES or something. Sounds great in the song.

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“Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill” is a great book for anyone here interested - its by Udo Eramus.

Udo Eramus WIKI

haha well… ATR and MSI have a HUGE fan base. Very underground, but shitloads of people. You can make great stuff and still make some money at it. I do believe it’s rare, but you mentioned two great examples :P

I am waiting for them to announce who won the MSI “On It” remix contest. I submitted my entry, but have no idea when they will announce it.

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Hmmm …all depends on what target you’re aiming …someone who is producing less commercial stuff ( we all know what that means ) should be considered happy if a lot of people buy their album =more money = ability to satisfy your synthfetish (finnaly the waldorf wave aaahhh)= enduser/creator both happy :ph34r:

I think what you are doing is taking his promotion of hemp oil entirely out of context.

If you take too much n3, flax for example, it will cause an inbalance of Omega 6 so I am not sure where you are getting your information from.

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He promotes hemp oil along with many other oils.

Now let me ask you something.

You disagree with his take on hemp oil. Not sure what this has to do with his stance on fish oil, but does that mean you disagree with everything he says or are you just throwing that in for the sake are arguing?

I am noticing a pattern… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I haven’t read his literature… so I don’t know his stance on fish oil… all I know is that someone else who recommended that book to me won’t use anything but hemp oil and tries to push it on me and everyone else. I use flax oil occasionally, but I also get both whole flax and other grains that are high in n6… my favorite mix is sunflower seeds and flax because together, they have a 1:1 ratio, and complete proteins. I’ve got a shake recipe with them if you’re interested :)

… a hell, I’ll post it here: http://codeitude.com/doku.php?id=food:the_brain_shake

I just know that most people get 30 times as much n6 as n3… so I figure that to get that 3:1 ratio, it’s pretty important to get more n3 with things like flax and salmon… but as I said, the person who recommended the book seems to be deviating a bit from the book’s message ;)

about your song-
its ill man!
I personally like the compression-
it makes that bass sound even more primitive, for the visceral style of booty shakin we do…
nice one,
keep it up.