GOSSEN (ip3e83be0e.speed.planet.nl [])


it is a worm, it sends sends itself with return address as "support@microsoft.com"

It sends itself to all people from addressbook so all you from the Netherlands that have my e-mail address - please check your system!
If you need virus killer that surely detects this one - I used F-Prot.

So, if you match following:

  1. are from the netherlands
  2. have my e-mail address somewhere on your disk in some file (phazze @ hi . hinet . hr address not the renoise one)

check your system - you might find something.

this worm is a real menace :)

just got third one

this time from:

EDULLA (pD9517581.dip.t-dialin.net [])

T-dialin.net users check your computers :)

UPDATE: if you have any of my e-mail addresses somewhere might be good idea to check your system anyway!

Solution: use a mail program that isn’t a threat to your computer.

If you’re using Outlook, like everyone else, then you’ve only got yourself to blame IMHO… At least I have never heard of an email virus effective in any other program. They’re all designed for Outlooks scripting…

the Mozilla mail-client for example. an exelent mail-client in spite of that it is still just beta…

Mozilla for the people! :D

Uhm. Seems that I also have some new small friends. I got 7 mails from suppoer@microsoft.com last two days …
But my AVG could find any virus.

i got this, but i use hotmail so i’m safe

i did click the little pdf file, but it was only about two seconds before i said ‘gwilym what the christ are you doing’ and closed the new window

i think i got through unscathed. anyone know what the virus actually does?

also, i’m not from the netherlands

/me uses and abuses of Qualcomm Eudora 1.5.2 Light 16 bit (1995) for his POP3 needs.


I’ve received 5 copies of that virus btw…

another alternative is pegasus mail http://www.pmail.com/
like eudora I havn’t tried it for years so I do not know how good it is today…

Use an Anti Virus program. In this day and age it’s a necessary evil. Norton Antivirus stopped this virus from infecting me this morning.

Myself, I use Putty to SSH to my university, where I run Pine.
That way I can check my mail from anywhere, without using one of
those horrible webbased clicketyclick clients.

I’ve also just set up a spamfilter which I designed myself for my needs,
which so far has been very effective. So while I may get mails like this from
people who’ve got infected, I probably won’t even notice it.
And if I do, there is no way to be infected unless I do it on purpose… B)

a fully textbase mail-client. martinal, you realy love your keyboard, don’t you ;) :lol:

My keyboard and I have a very close relationship :D
After all, we spend a lot of time together, so these things are bound to happen.

But seriously, pine is simple and efficient.
No extra bullshit in the way of the task: to read and write mail.
Most things I usually do is accomplished by a single keypress.

i got hemp-seeds from netherlands :lol:

but not via email ;)

:lol: LOL :lol: :P

Great country isn’t it :D :D :D :D :D



it’s totally funny - it’s possible to order seeds online in the netherlands - stealth shipping world wide and you get a letter from belgium with a small box with sweets ;)


There are a lot of stores in Rotterdam(that’s where i live) where you can buy seed’s and potting soil ect…

(not that i don’t do that. …I prefer a nice cold beer)


I have had the support@microsoft sent to me so many times…

The email tells you to install the attached file to update your xp security…

As soon as you see it delete it, norton will pick it up…

I clicked it the first time which installed the worm…

I hadn’t noticed until about 3 weeks later when I kept getting a box come up saying connection timed out…

Norton wasn’t installed at the time and it also couldn’t shift it once installed so I had to do a complete system restore…

the virus didn’t infect my system - outlook is not a problem here. i just posted this to warn potential virus carriers to check their system. and… i would rather use “The Bat” as e-mail client :)