i had a dream last night

ok the biosphere song w/ that sample is just great :lol: BUUUT:

i was at my parents house, a split level, and was in my room on the top level. my parents were taking a shower and i heard my dad cry out in pain. to get downstairs as fast as i could i flipped over the balcony :ph34r: but landed weird on the couch so i fell and it rolled on top of me.

my parents were already outside by the time i got to them. my dad was holding his hand in his pocket and said he broke it. i imagined he punched soemthing. when i asked him about getting hurt he told me he had never crashed riding his motercycle when he was high, but when he was on acid he did and broke all the bones in his body.

when my parents left people came over for a big party. people brought guitars and cats which i really didn’t apreciate. i was going around asking how the party had turned into such a lame hippy thing with all the guitars.

then i got in a fight with one of the cats, it was a really good fighter and was blocking my punches (ok maybe this should have gone in the kung pow thread :rolleyes: ). eventually it latched onto my foot and kept biting me so i just steped on it. the disgusting little thing got all it’s bones crushed and then i kicked it off of me.

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ok, i see what you’re saying about ^^^ but i’d just like to chime in with a round of f**** awl … i know it’s stupid and that’s why i do it (so the jokes on me when all the haters come down)

anwway, speak of the d e v i l, chek this shot i took of my frriend anna:


i’m workin on landing some portriat work … … anyone else got a cute face up for flash?

P.S. when yer NU band does a USA tour i’ll be sure to rock out for yuh in MPLS :yeah: !!!

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