I Had A Nightmare 2

edit: DISCLAIMER: ( Guys… this is fiction. It wasn’t supposed to be a serious discussion about dreams. Not that I have nothing against discussing dreams… it’s just that this is not the case)

This is a story about a failure in 5 short steps

In my dream I decided to open a new website
One of those things you do because you feel it’s going to work.
I name the site “What makes me angry this week?” and I start to write critic articles about everything… moving critics to people, things, places…
because that’s what people seem to like. I started collecting articles and ideas from almost any source… only requirement was to be deeply angry and unreasonable.

In the beginning everything worked out fine
A lot of hits and a lot of critic emails from people angry with me and asking me to take care of a certain problem instead of another certain problem… and that’s why, with all those critics, I decided to stop working on anything else to concentrate on my new activity…

Then the first problems started to show up
my articles made girls think that I was some kind of god for being so good in moving critics to others… and a lot of people had fear of my popular critics so everybody started acting friendly to me, even the one I have been critic to…
I started to turn “happy”.

And then it went all wrong
I started to be happier and happier about my life.
Tragically, a dense feeling of joy was wrapped around my soul… making it impossible for me to speak about anything bad. The site got abbandoned after awhile despite my weak attempts to keep it alive with some childish anger… but my readers where clear “You have lost your anger”… and even if I didn’t cared much about that, I felt that it might have been true.
When people seems to like anger… it turns out that they don’t like happyness. Everyone feels angry… but nobody feels happy.
I knew that… and I was greatly worried about me being so happy.

and then came the end
I tried more than one solution to turn back to some unhappy situation… but it was all useless. What made me angry in my past was not working anymore.
I tried to speak with people about USA, about religion, about politics…
nothing… all opinions seemed to be quite reasonable… even those opposite to mine… and I even found myself actually considering the other side’s opinion. I tried to look at some boring tv show but I started to sleep and had a nice rest… I went to a disco pub playing commercial music… and danced madly like a mindless teenager… but in the end it came to my mind that I haven’t danced in years… and I ended up enjoying it…
I spent the night reading email with critics to ME… but it turned out that some of those critics I never really cared to read… where correct and I learned something usefull about me…

It obviously ended in a total disaster:
totally overwhelmed by the sadness of being so happy.

The dream comes to an end when I wake up all sweaty…
I swear and curse just to be sure…
then I go back to sleep.

Wow, that’s some complex dreams you have Parsec! :) Have you drawn any parallels of this to your current situation? I have found that you often dream about the things you have experienced recently, but there is almost never any logic in how it all comes together.

Anyway, it was interesting reading. Dreams really fascinates me! Personally I dreamt that my grandfather caught me smoking a cigarette and he was really upset. This is weird cause I have a smoke like twice a year or something.

It’s purely fictional, let me tell you…
I suppose you can’t remember about my first nightmare, do ya? :)

Hehehe… yeah, now it comes back. I love that pic of Renoise 9.59 :D

Hey, maybe the forum should have a own section of “Parsec’s nightmares”. :lol: :lol:

i have had a dreams that i composed really dope song… and listened to it in that dream… but when i wake up i dont remember any melody or anything else that i can recreate… :S

Quite frequently i have music playing im my head when i laying down to sleep, and sometimes right before waking up moment. It’s complex orchestral music, i can choose any melody and imagine as it played by whole symphonic orhcestra. And i can hear every string, every percussion sound and every part & section of this dream-orchestra :rolleyes:
Moments like that, i wishing to have this fiction mind-reader device to plug it in my head, and record all this music playing in my imagination :walkman:

yes ceejay, damn, I have this “problem” also.

It’s like having an automated orchestral music generator.

The process is so “real-time” that I ask myself if it is just a replay of something which I have already listened to but do not remember consciously, or is it really something completely new.

But don’t worry: brainwave-to-rns renderer is already on the to-do list :lol:

use more weed! :P


Once I dreamt about recording a song with the punk band I was in back then. It was a REALLY good song I tell you, and when I woke up I thought I could remember at least some parts of it. Tried it on guitar - but the riff just sounded kinda boring when I was awake. :P

You could put a lot of things on the to-do list, just call it, hm… Planning ahead.

I’m still waiting for the RNS ToasteR