I Hate +1

I haven’t seen that forum jargong anywhere else, is this a local Renoise community thing? You know, someone says “Let’s add feature X” and the response goes like “+1.” Gahh! ;)

Would be cooler if the suggestion forum was designed like Amazon.com, where all suggestions could be rated with stars and comments/reviews… Just click a thumbs up/thumbs down button or something like that.


“+1” is just a quick way of saying “this feature sounds cool, it gets my vote!”

What’s so wrong about that?


Well, it’s nothing wrong in casting a vote, it’s just a bit boring to read that kind of information in a forum. It reminds somehow of the procedure of quoting somebody and then just adding “I agree” below the quote. I’d like to see less “+/-1.” and more “+/-1. This feature X would also enable Y and…” (i.e. less of “this gets my vote”, more of “This gets my vote, because… and it might also be good for…”).

But I’m probably quite alone in thinking like this. So keep it going. :)

No, not at all. Of course constructive comments are good. I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me personally, if I see someone suggest a good feature which does not need any more explanation, I will simply give a “+1” if I have nothing more to add. If I feel there is something to add to it, or a slight adjustment perhaps, then I will be a little more descriptive :)

Maybe the original poster should include a poll with their post, then we could actually leave a proper vote which would be clearly visible at all times. The poll might be structured similar to the backstage feature voting, with options such as:

  • Great idea! I really need this!
  • Good idea. I would use this sometimes.
  • I’m not really interested in this idea.


It has always been like this as long as I remember, and the opening “+1” exactly means: “This gets my vote”. Almost all users of this forum act like what dblue has mentioned:

OK, what I really wanted to say was that my woman hurt my feelings yesterday. So the Renoise community seemed like the perfect sandbag to punch at.


Well, you shouldn’t smoke so much. :rolleyes:


but a cool thing I saw at some board was a “thanx !” button, that way you don’t have threads with 20+ posts of people saying “thanx !” but a list of all board-members clicking the thanx button. Something like this might be useful for this forum.

:) the answer to life, the universe and everything!!!

Haha, I was thinking the exact same thing.

“We apologize for the inconvenience.”

no, not torrent. :D

still I think the idea is a good one.

how could a noble and righteous person like you possibly know that this is a common thing at such places?? :o

I was under the impression that +1 means “same here/seconded”?
Anyway it’s a nuisance, so :
hehe :)

i like to express my feelings about an issue (even if nobody cares =)

but surely i don’t care if someone writes +1…