I Hate Venetian Snares

I don’t hate him, but I don’t like his music. :)
Quoting myself:

U srsly haz happicat infecshun!!1

this thread needs guru meditation.

prbbli heppeekett infeksciun, u reyd.

It’s about time
It’s about space
About strange people in the strangest place

pow! pow! powpow!

… I was looking for a “Buddy Budha” in the vein of “Buddy Jesus” but I couldn’t find any… seems it’s time to create a new image meme!

breakcore died in the 80s

Ha. Guru Meditation. The best crash.

yey yes i love it :)

Yeah for real. I saw that video that he posted on youtube of vache in renoise and that’s what made me interested in renoise. While I can not make music like he does right now, I still love almost everything he has put out.

I hate Venereal Snails

part 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/l3qniu
part 2: http://www.sendspace.com/file/myopvj

i followed the 1920s breakcore scene rather closely; me and my buddies enjoyed a common opium tincture before going to the local raves, then hit up the $0.05 movie theater afterward.

Patto: that second page got cut off on the bottom :( … but thanks! great read! :P

thanx for the scans, and snares : great interview. putting renoise 1.9 infront of cubase in that list is just classy. thanx alot.

i hate people that hate people for no reason at all.


Good humor :D

I never knew why amiga had that weird error message, I just went to a search engine and found this on wikipedia:
“The term “Guru Meditation Error” was an in-house joke from Amiga’s early days. One of the company’s products was the joyboard, a game controller much like a joystick but operated by one’s feet. In a game developed for the early Amiga computer, a person would sit cross-legged on the joyboard, resembling an Indian guru. The player was supposed to remain perfectly still with the goal of the game being to stay still the longest. If the player moved, a “guru meditation error” resulted. This error was removed from subsequent versions of the Amiga ROM (Kickstart), but some users chose to patch it back in.”

Unsympathetic topic for sure. If a guy get’s all this attention it must mean many likes the music or else he wouldn’t get all this exposure in the first place.

Now, i must say i’m curious to hear his music :)
Good PR you are giving him, keep it up :D

sorry Byte, I should have checked…
I edited the post with new links

Thanks patto!!! you da man :yeah:

venetian snares rocks. adam funk is teh original groove master :D his power rating is over 9000 for sure.

aaron funk, yes ?!