I Hate Venetian Snares

he is not the best / he is good but he is not the best…

sorry about my english but im from guatemala. hope you understand.

i was reading about the breakcore stuff here on the forum and everyone talks about him ,… thats sucks.
try to be yourself. try to be good. try to do whatever you want.

and he will talk about you later… I like duran duran duran for example.

well im not going to talk anymore but that pissed me off. who is venetian snares?

who is squarepusher?

who is aaron spectre?

who are you?

I am Lunat, whaddabatyou ?

I understand the fact that you prefer it when people have their own spirit. I even understand that some might get too much of the breakcore scene. I even understand that this might have something in common with the presence of venetian snares (I don’t know a single song from him btw). But why are you so harsh about him? And why do you hate him?
If I knew that my community even consits of known musicians who dare to show themselves on the forums, I wouldn’t do my best to hunt them away. Or will you be happier after that?
And your comparison wit Duran Duran is confusing somehow, sorry.

He said Duran Duran Duran, not Duran Duran :D



Damnit, here’s more breakcore that I can think of already. There should be a compo that forces breakcore people to make waltz or ballads …with their own vocals or something :) No, but seriously…I think these guys can do more than just this one style (and other hard styles like hardcore, aggressive d’n’b or such). I’d just like to see them showing that they are more. Personal thoughts though.

Matter of opinion.

Honestly, I don’t listen to most of vnsares work simply because the music isn’t my style.

However, I realize the time and skill it takes to pull of his style correctly, so I greatly respect him for that.

HOWEVER, Rossz Csillag blah blah and My Downfall = masterpieces.

After hearing those, my respect for Mr. Funk went through the roof.

A Cad Friskiest Unity
A Dace Frisky Intuits
A Aced Frisky Intuits
A Faced Intuits Risky
A Decaf Intuits Risky
A Acidifies Trunk Sty
A Acidifies Stunk Try
A Sanctified Ski Yurt
A Sanctified Stir Yuk
A Scarified Inky Tuts
A Scarified Ski Nutty
A Scarified Kitty Sun
A Scarified Kitty Nus
A Scarified Stint Yuk
A Scarified Tints Yuk
A Scarified Tint Yuks
A Scarified Tiny Tusk
A Decafs Intuit Risky
A Dieticians Turf Sky
A Dieticians Fry Tusk
A Dietician Turfs Sky
A Dietician Fry Tusks
A Acridities Funk Sty
A Acidities Funks Try
A Acidities Fry Stunk
A Indicates First Yuk
A Indicates Rifts Yuk
A Indicates Rift Yuks
A Indicates Fruit Sky
A Indicates Turfy Ski
A Indicates Fury Kits
A Indicates Fury Skit
A Indicates Fusty Irk
A Indicate Firsts Yuk
A Indicate First Yuks
A Indicate Rifts Yuks
A Indicate Fruits Sky
A Indicate Turfy Skis
A Indicate Turfy Kiss
A Indicate Fury Skits
A Indicate Fusty Irks
A Indicate Fusty Risk
A Sidetracks If Unity
A Sidetracks Unify Ti
A Sidetracks Unify It
A Sidetrack Unify Tis
A Sidetrack Unify Sit
A Sidetrack Unify Its
A Sidetrack Ifs Unity
A Candies Fruity Kits
A Candies Fruity Skit
A Distance Fruity Ski
A Syndicate Fruit Ski
A Cyanides Fruits Kit
A Cyanides Fruit Kits
A Cyanides Fruit Skit
A Cyanide Fruits Kits
A Cyanide Fruits Skit
A Cyanide Fruit Skits
A Acridest Unify Kits
A Acridest Unify Skit
A Rusticated Ifs Inky
A Dictates Unify Irks
A Dictates Unify Risk
A Dictates Funky Iris
A Dictate Unify Risks
A Caked Fruity Insist
A Yacked Firs Intuits
A Yacked Fruit Insist
A Crusade Finis Kitty
A Cased Frisky Intuit
A Daces Frisky Intuit
A Decays Frisk Intuit
A Decay Frisk Intuits
A Decay Frisks Intuit
A Fiduciary Kens Tits
A Fiduciary Kent Sits
A Fiduciary Nests Kit
A Fiduciary Nets Kits
A Fiduciary Nets Skit
A Fiduciary Tens Kits
A Fiduciary Tens Skit
A Fiduciary Sent Kits
A Fiduciary Sent Skit
A Fiduciary Nest Kits
A Fiduciary Nest Skit
A Fiduciary Tents Ski
A Fiduciary Net Skits
A Fiduciary Ten Skits
A Fiduciary Tent Skis
A Fiduciary Tent Kiss
A Fiduciary Nett Skis
A Fiduciary Nett Kiss
A Fiduciary Sets Knit
A Fiduciary Tests Ink
A Fiduciary Tests Kin
A Fiduciary Stets Ink
A Fiduciary Stets Kin
A Fiduciary Set Knits
A Fiduciary Set Stink
A Fiduciary Test Sink
A Fiduciary Test Skin
A Fiduciary Test Inks
A Fiduciary Stet Sink
A Fiduciary Stet Skin
A Fiduciary Stet Inks
A Acidify Kine Trusts
A Acidify Kine Struts
A Acidify Sinker Tuts
A Acidify Sinkers Tut
A Acidify Trinkets Us
A Acidify Knitters Us
A Acidify Skein Strut
A Acidify Skein Trust
A Acidify Skier Stunt
A Acidify Strikes Tun
A Acidify Strikes Nut
A Acidify Skitters Nu
A Acidify Trikes Tuns
A Acidify Trikes Stun
A Acidify Trikes Nuts
A Acidify Strike Tuns
A Acidify Strike Stun
A Acidify Strike Nuts
A Acidify Skitter Sun
A Acidify Skitter Nus
A Acidify Trike Stuns
A Acidify Tikes Turns
A Acidify Tikes Runts
A Acidify Kites Turns
A Acidify Kites Runts
A Acidify Inters Tusk
A Acidify Niters Tusk
A Acidify Insert Tusk
A Acidify Nitres Tusk
A Acidify Inert Tusks
A Acidify Inter Tusks
A Acidify Nitre Tusks
A Acidify Niter Tusks
A Acidify Tiers Stunk
A Acidify Rites Stunk
A Acidify Tires Stunk
A Acidify Tries Stunk
A Acidify Sitter Sunk
A Acidify Sties Trunk
A Acidify Sites Trunk
A Acidify Site Trunks
A Acidify Ties Trunks
A Acidify Treks Units
A Acidify Unrests Kit
A Acidify Entrust Ski
A Acidify Unrest Kits
A Acidify Unrest Skit
A Acidify Tuners Kits
A Acidify Tuners Skit
A Acidify Tuner Skits
A Acidify Tunes Skirt
A Acidify Tune Skirts
A Acidify Russet Knit
A Acidify Estrus Knit
A Acidify Surest Knit
A Acidify Utters Sink
A Acidify Utters Skin
A Acidify Utters Inks
A Acidify Truest Sink
A Acidify Truest Skin
A Acidify Truest Inks
A Acidify Trues Knits
A Acidify Trues Stink
A Acidify Utter Sinks
A Acidify Utter Skins
A Acidify True Stinks
A Acid Infusers Kitty
A Acid Surfeit Stinky
A Acid Fustier Stinky
A Acid Stinkier Fusty
A Acid Stinkiest Fury
A Acid Skitters Unify
A Acid Tenuity Frisks
A Rancidity Fie Tusks
A Rancidity Fuses Kit
A Rancidity Fetus Ski
A Rancidity Fuse Kits
A Rancidity Fuse Skit
A Rancidity Kite Fuss
A Rancidity Tike Fuss
A Acridity Fine Tusks
A Acridity Fines Tusk
A Acridity Fuses Knit
A Acridity Fetus Sink
A Acridity Fetus Skin
A Acridity Fetus Inks
A Acridity Fuse Knits
A Acridity Fuse Stink
A Acridity Tikes Funs
A Acridity Kites Funs
A Acridity Sties Funk
A Acridity Sites Funk
A Acridity Site Funks
A Acridity Ties Funks
A Acridity Nukes Fist
A Acridity Nukes Fits
A Acridity Nukes Sift
A Acridity Nuke Fists
A Acridity Nuke Sifts
A Acridity Suets Fink
A Acridity Suet Finks
A Sadistic Knife Yurt
A Sadistic Kine Turfy
A Sadistic Rite Funky
A Sadistic Tire Funky
A Sadistic Tier Funky
A Sadistic Ken Fruity
A Sadistic Turnkey If
A Sadistic Trek Unify
A Sadistic Turkey Fin
A Acidity Knife Rusts
A Acidity Knife Truss
A Acidity Knifes Ruts
A Acidity Knifes Rust
A Acidity Infer Tusks
A Acidity Finer Tusks
A Acidity Infers Tusk
A Acidity Finest Rusk
A Acidity Feints Rusk
A Acidity Infest Rusk
A Acidity Feint Rusks
A Acidity Fries Stunk
A Acidity Fires Stunk
A Acidity Serif Stunk
A Acidity Refits Sunk
A Acidity Sifter Sunk
A Acidity Rifest Sunk
A Acidity Strife Sunk
A Acidity Fetus Rinks
A Acidity Tinker Fuss
A Acidity Skein Turfs
A Acidity Skeins Turf
A Acidity Strikes Fun
A Acidity Trikes Funs
A Acidity Strike Funs
A Acidity Resist Funk
A Acidity Sister Funk
A Acidity Tiers Funks
A Acidity Rites Funks
A Acidity Tires Funks
A Acidity Tries Funks
A Acidity Kens Fruits
A Acidity Nukes First
A Acidity Nukes Rifts
A Acidity Nuke Firsts
A Acidity Tunes Frisk
A Acidity Tune Frisks
A Acidity Russet Fink
A Acidity Estrus Fink
A Acidity Surest Fink
A Acidity Trues Finks
A Yardsticks Fie Unit
A Yardsticks Untie If
A Yardsticks Unite If
A Yardstick Fie Units
A Yardstick Finite Us
A Yardstick Fine Suit
A Yardstick Infuse Ti
A Yardstick Infuse It
A Yardstick Unites If
A Yardstick Unties If
A Yardstick Untie Ifs
A Yardstick Unite Ifs
A Yardstick Suite Fin
A Dynastic Furies Kit
A Acrid Niftiest Yuks
A Acrid Infuses Kitty
A Acrid Fustiest Inky
A Acrid Inkiest Fusty
A Drastic Finite Yuks
A Drastic Tikes Unify
A Drastic Kites Unify
A Drastic Yikes Unfit
A Acids Infuser Kitty
A Acids Inkiest Turfy
A Acids Skitter Unify
A Acids Tenuity Frisk
A Dicta Reunify Skits
A Dicta Surfeits Inky
A Dicta Furies Stinky
A Dicta Skeins Fruity
A Dicta Strikes Unify
A Dicta Unites Frisky
A Dicta Unties Frisky
A Dicta Turkeys Finis
A Candy Fruitiest Ski
A Cad Fie Skirts Unity
A Cad Niftier Sits Yuk
A Cad Niftier Tis Yuks
A Cad Niftier Sit Yuks
A Cad Niftier Its Yuks
A Cad Niftier Suit Sky
A Cad Finises Kit Yurt
A Cad Niftiest Sir Yuk
A Cad Unifies Kits Try
A Cad Unifies Skit Try
A Cad Finite Ski Rusty
A Cad Finite Ski Yurts
A Cad Finite Skis Yurt
A Cad Finite Kiss Yurt
A Cad Finite Stirs Yuk
A Cad Finite Stir Yuks
A Cad Fruitiest In Sky
A Cad Infusers I Kitty
A Cad Infuser Kitty Is
A Cad Reunify Ski Tits
A Cad Reunify Skis Tit
A Cad Reunify Kiss Tit
A Cad Reunify Skits Ti
A Cad Reunify Skits It
A Cad Reunify Kits Tis
A Cad Reunify Kits Sit
A Cad Reunify Kits Its
A Cad Reunify Skit Tis
A Cad Reunify Skit Sit
A Cad Reunify Skit Its
A Cad Reunify Kit Sits
A Cad Finery Kits Suit
A Cad Finery Skit Suit
A Cad Finery Kit Suits
A Cad Infuse Risky Tit
A Cad Infuse Kitty Sir
A Cad Feint Risky Suit
A Cad Rife Intuits Sky
A Cad Rife Stinky Suit
A Cad Rife Skits Unity
A Cad Rife Kitty Sinus
A Cad Fire Intuits Sky
A Cad Fire Stinky Suit
A Cad Fire Skits Unity
A Cad Fire Kitty Sinus
A Cad Fries Intuit Sky
A Cad Fries Kits Unity
A Cad Fries Skit Unity
A Cad Fires Intuit Sky
A Cad Fires Kits Unity
A Cad Fires Skit Unity
A Cad Serif Intuit Sky
A Cad Serif Kits Unity
A Cad Serif Skit Unity
A Cad Serifs Kit Unity
A Cad Surfeits Inky Ti
A Cad Surfeits Inky It
A Cad Surfeits Kit Yin
A Cad Fissure Inky Tit
A Cad Fissure Kit Tiny
A Cad Fissure Kitty In
A Cad Fussier Inky Tit
A Cad Fussier Kit Tiny
A Cad Fussier Kitty In
A Cad Refits Inky Suit
A Cad Refits Ski Unity
A Cad Sifter Inky Suit
A Cad Sifter Ski Unity
A Cad Rifest Inky Suit
A Cad Rifest Ski Unity
A Cad Strife Inky Suit
A Cad Strife Ski Unity
A Cad Surfeit I Stinky
A Cad Surfeit Inky Tis
A Cad Surfeit Inky Sit
A Cad Surfeit Inky Its
A Cad Surfeit Ski Tiny
A Cad Surfeit Kits Yin
A Cad Surfeit Skit Yin
A Cad Surfeit Kit Yins
A Cad Fustier I Stinky
A Cad Fustier Inky Tis
A Cad Fustier Inky Sit
A Cad Fustier Inky Its
A Cad Fustier Ski Tiny
A Cad Fustier Kits Yin
A Cad Fustier Skit Yin
A Cad Fustier Kit Yins
A Cad Furies Stinky Ti
A Cad Furies Stinky It
A Cad Furies Inky Tits
A Cad Furies Kits Tiny
A Cad Furies Skit Tiny
A Cad Furies Kitty Ins
A Cad Furies Kitty Sin
A Cad Refit Insist Yuk
A Cad Refit Inky Suits
A Cad Refit Skis Unity
A Cad Refit Kiss Unity
A Cad Fiery Knits Suit
A Cad Fiery Stink Suit
A Cad Fiery Knit Suits
A Cad Fiery Skits Unit
A Cad Fiery Kits Units
A Cad Fiery Skit Units
A Cad Fustiest Irk Yin
A Cad Testify Ski Ruin
A Cad Feisty Rink Suit
A Cad Feisty Irk Units
A Cad Feisty Irks Unit
A Cad Feisty Risk Unit
A Cad Feisty Kits Ruin
A Cad Feisty Skit Ruin
A Cad Feisty Kit Ruins
A Cad Fuse Trinity Ski
A Cad Fey Intuits Irks
A Cad Fey Intuits Risk
A Cad Fey Intuit Risks
A Cad Inkier Fussy Tit
A Cad Inkier Fusty Tis
A Cad Inkier Fusty Sit
A Cad Inkier Fusty Its
A Cad Stinkier Fusty I
A Cad Stinkiest Fury I
A Cad Inkiest If Rusty
A Cad Inkiest If Yurts
A Cad Inkiest Ifs Yurt
A Cad Inkiest Turfy Is
A Cad Inkiest Fury Tis
A Cad Inkiest Fury Sit
A Cad Inkiest Fury Its
A Cad Inkiest Fry Suit
A Cad Kitties Furs Yin
A Cad Kitties Surf Yin
A Cad Kitties Fur Yins
A Cad Kitties Fury Ins
A Cad Kitties Fury Sin
A Cad Sinister Fit Yuk
A Cad Nitrites If Yuks
A Cad Nitrites Ifs Yuk
A Cad Neuritis Fit Sky
A Cad Tinier Fists Yuk
A Cad Tinier Sifts Yuk
A Cad Tinier Fist Yuks
A Cad Tinier Fits Yuks
A Cad Tinier Sift Yuks
A Cad Tinier Fussy Kit
A Cad Tinier Fusty Ski
A Cad Nitrite Ifs Yuks
A Cad Nisei Frisky Tut
A Cad Nisei Furs Kitty
A Cad Nisei Surf Kitty
A Cad Nisei Turfy Kits
A Cad Nisei Turfy Skit
A Cad Nisei Tuft Risky
A Cad Niseis Turfy Kit
A Cad Niseis Fur Kitty
A Cad Tiniest Fir Yuks
A Cad Tiniest Firs Yuk
A Cad Tiniest Fury Ski
A Cad Unities Rift Sky
A Cad Unities Fry Kits
A Cad Unities Fry Skit
A Cad Irises Funky Tit
A Cad Irises Fun Kitty
A Cad Irises Tuft Inky
A Cad Kine Fruity Sits
A Cad Skein Fruity Tis
A Cad Skein Fruity Sit
A Cad Skein Fruity Its
A Cad Skeins Fruity Ti
A Cad Skeins Fruity It
A Cad Skier Nifty Suit
A Cad Skier Unify Tits
A Cad Skier Fist Unity
A Cad Skier Fits Unity
A Cad Skier Sift Unity
A Cad Skiers Unify Tit
A Cad Skiers Fit Unity
A Cad Kisser Unify Tit
A Cad Kisser Fit Unity
A Cad Strikes If Unity
A Cad Strikes Unify Ti
A Cad Strikes Unify It
A Cad Skitters Unify I
A Cad Trikes Unify Tis
A Cad Trikes Unify Sit
A Cad Trikes Unify Its
A Cad Trikes Ifs Unity
A Cad Strike Unify Tis
A Cad Strike Unify Sit
A Cad Strike Unify Its
A Cad Strike Ifs Unity
A Cad Skitter Unify Is
A Cad Trike Unify Sits
A Cad Skies Rift Unity
A Cad Skies Fruit Tiny
A Cad Skies Fruity Nit
A Cad Skies Fruity Tin
A Cad Skies Fry Intuit
A Cad Tikes Finis Yurt
A Cad Tikes Unify Stir
A Cad Tikes Firs Unity
A Cad Tikes Fruits Yin
A Cad Tikes Fruit Yins
A Cad Tikes Fruity Ins
A Cad Tikes Fruity Sin
A Cad Kites Finis Yurt
A Cad Kites Unify Stir
A Cad Kites Firs Unity
A Cad Kites Fruits Yin
A Cad Kites Fruit Yins
A Cad Kites Fruity Ins
A Cad Kites Fruity Sin
A Cad Yikes If Intrust
A Cad Yikes Unfit Stir
A Cad Yikes First Unit
A Cad Yikes Rifts Unit
A Cad Yikes Fruits Nit
A Cad Yikes Fruits Tin
A Cad Yikes Rift Units
A Cad Yikes Fruit Snit
A Cad Yikes Fruit Nits
A Cad Yikes Fruit Tins
A Cad Kite Finis Rusty
A Cad Kite Finis Yurts
A Cad Kite Unify Stirs
A Cad Kite Fruits Yins
A Cad Kite Fruity Sins
A Cad Kite Fury Insist
A Cad Tike Finis Rusty
A Cad Tike Finis Yurts
A Cad Tike Unify Stirs
A Cad Tike Fruits Yins
A Cad Tike Fruity Sins
A Cad Tike Fury Insist
A Cad Insures If Kitty
A Cad Sunrise If Kitty
A Cad Inures Ifs Kitty
A Cad Insure Ifs Kitty
A Cad Urines Ifs Kitty
A Cad Ursine Ifs Kitty
A Cad Sine Fruity Kits
A Cad Sine Fruity Skit
A Cad Sines Fruity Kit
A Cad Nites Fruity Ski
A Cad Tines Fruity Ski
A Cad Stein Fruity Ski
A Cad Inset Fruity Ski
A Cad Unites Frisky Ti
A Cad Unites Frisky It
A Cad Unites Fit Risky
A Cad Unties Frisky Ti
A Cad Unties Frisky It
A Cad Unties Fit Risky
A Cad Nite Frisky Suit
A Cad Nite Fruity Skis
A Cad Nite Fruity Kiss
A Cad Tine Frisky Suit
A Cad Tine Fruity Skis
A Cad Tine Fruity Kiss
A Cad Tenuity If Risks
A Cad Tenuity Frisk Is
A Cad Tenuity Frisks I
A Cad Tenuity Fir Skis
A Cad Tenuity Fir Kiss
A Cad Tenuity Firs Ski
A Cad Tenuity Ifs Irks
A Cad Tenuity Ifs Risk
A Cad Untie Frisky Tis
A Cad Untie Frisky Sit
A Cad Untie Frisky Its
A Cad Untie Fist Risky
A Cad Untie Fits Risky
A Cad Untie Sift Risky
A Cad Unite Frisky Tis
A Cad Unite Frisky Sit
A Cad Unite Frisky Its
A Cad Unite Fist Risky
A Cad Unite Fits Risky
A Cad Unite Sift Risky
A Cad Resist Unify Kit
A Cad Sister Unify Kit
A Cad Trusties If Inky
A Cad Rustiest If Inky
A Cad Issuer Fin Kitty
A Cad Issuer Nifty Kit
A Cad Tiers Unify Kits
A Cad Tiers Unify Skit
A Cad Rites Unify Kits
A Cad Rites Unify Skit
A Cad Tires Unify Kits
A Cad Tires Unify Skit
A Cad Tries Unify Kits
A Cad Tries Unify Skit
A Cad Sitter Finis Yuk
A Cad Sitter Unify Ski
A Cad Rite Unify Skits
A Cad Tire Unify Skits
A Cad Tier Unify Skits
A Cad Trite Finis Yuks
A Cad Trite Unify Skis
A Cad Trite Unify Kiss
A Cad Uteri Nifty Skis
A Cad Uteri Nifty Kiss
A Cad Uteri Ifs Stinky
A Cad Uteri Fists Inky
A Cad Uteri Sifts Inky
A Cad Sties Fruit Inky
A Cad Sties Fruity Ink
A Cad Sties Fruity Kin
A Cad Sites Fruit Inky
A Cad Sites Fruity Ink
A Cad Sites Fruity Kin
A Cad Testis Unify Irk
A Cad Suites Nifty Irk
A Cad Suites Rift Inky
A Cad Tissue Nifty Irk
A Cad Tissue Rift Inky
A Cad Site Frisk Unity
A Cad Site Frisky Unit
A Cad Site Unfit Risky
A Cad Site Unify Skirt
A Cad Site Fruits Inky
A Cad Site Fruity Sink
A Cad Site Fruity Skin
A Cad Site Fruity Inks
A Cad Ties Frisk Unity
A Cad Ties Frisky Unit
A Cad Ties Unfit Risky
A Cad Ties Unify Skirt
A Cad Ties Fruits Inky
A Cad Ties Fruity Sink
A Cad Ties Fruity Skin
A Cad Ties Fruity Inks
A Cad Suite Frisk Tiny
A Cad Suite Frisky Nit
A Cad Suite Frisky Tin
A Cad Suite Nifty Irks
A Cad Suite Nifty Risk
A Cad Suite Fir Stinky
A Cad Suite First Inky
A Cad Suite Rifts Inky
A Cad Yetis Frisk Unit
A Cad Yetis Unfits Irk
A Cad Yetis Unfit Irks
A Cad Yetis Unfit Risk
A Cad Yetis Fruits Ink
A Cad Yetis Fruits Kin
A Cad Yetis Fruit Sink
A Cad Yetis Fruit Skin
A Cad Yetis Fruit Inks
A Cad Tie Frisks Unity
A Cad Tie Frisky Units
A Cad Tie Unfits Risky
A Cad Tie Unify Skirts
A Cad Tie Fruity Sinks
A Cad Tie Fruity Skins
A Cad Yeti Frisk Units
A Cad Yeti Frisks Unit
A Cad Yeti Unfits Irks
A Cad Yeti Unfits Risk
A Cad Yeti Unfit Risks
A Cad Yeti Fruits Sink
A Cad Yeti Fruits Skin
A Cad Yeti Fruits Inks
A Cad Yeti Fruit Sinks
A Cad Yeti Fruit Skins
A Cad Turkeys Finis Ti
A Cad Turkeys Finis It
A Cad Turkey If Insist
A Cad Turkey Finis Tis
A Cad Turkey Finis Sit
A Cad Turkey Finis Its
A Cad Tykes Unfit Iris
A Cad Keys Fir Intuits
A Cad Keys Firs Intuit
A Cad Tyke Unfits Iris
A Cad Key Firs Intuits
A Cad Key Fruit Insist
A Cad Surety Finis Kit
A Cad User Finis Kitty
A Cad Ruse Finis Kitty
A Cad Sure Finis Kitty
A Cad Rues Finis Kitty
A Cad Yes Frisk Intuit
A Cad Ye Frisk Intuits
A Cad Ye Frisks Intuit
A Dace If Skirts Unity
A Dace Finis Risky Tut
A Dace Finis Ski Rutty
A Dace Finis Kits Yurt
A Dace Finis Skit Yurt
A Dace Finis Kit Rusty
A Dace Finis Kit Yurts
A Dace Frisk Unity Tis
A Dace Frisk Unity Sit
A Dace Frisk Unity Its
A Dace Frisk Tiny Suit
A Dace Frisks Unity Ti
A Dace Frisks Unity It
A Dace Frisky Units Ti
A Dace Frisky Units It
A Dace Frisky Nit Suit
A Dace Frisky Tin Suit
A Dace Frisky Unit Tis
A Dace Frisky Unit Sit
A Dace Frisky Unit Its
A Dace Unfits Risky Ti
A Dace Unfits Risky It
A Dace Unfit Risky Tis
A Dace Unfit Risky Sit
A Dace Unfit Risky Its
A Dace Nifty Iris Tusk
A Dace Nifty Irk Suits
A Dace Nifty Irks Suit
A Dace Nifty Risk Suit
A Dace Unify Irks Tits
A Dace Unify Risk Tits
A Dace Unify Risks Tit
A Dace Unify Skirts Ti
A Dace Unify Skirts It
A Dace Unify Skirt Tis
A Dace Unify Skirt Sit
A Dace Unify Skirt Its
A Dace Unify Kits Stir
A Dace Unify Skit Stir
A Dace Unify Kit Stirs
A Dace Fir Intuits Sky
A Dace Fir Stinky Suit
A Dace Fir Skits Unity
A Dace Fir Kitty Sinus
A Dace Firs Intuit Sky
A Dace Firs Kits Unity
A Dace Firs Skit Unity
A Dace First Inky Suit
A Dace First Ski Unity
A Dace Rifts Inky Suit
A Dace Rifts Ski Unity
A Dace Fruits I Stinky
A Dace Fruits Inky Tis
A Dace Fruits Inky Sit
A Dace Fruits Inky Its
A Dace Fruits Ski Tiny
A Dace Fruits Kits Yin
A Dace Fruits Skit Yin
A Dace Fruits Kit Yins
A Dace Rift Insist Yuk
A Dace Rift Inky Suits
A Dace Rift Skis Unity
A Dace Rift Kiss Unity
A Dace Fruit Stinky Is
A Dace Fruit Inky Sits
A Dace Fruit Skis Tiny
A Dace Fruit Kiss Tiny
A Dace Fruit Skits Yin
A Dace Fruit Kits Yins
A Dace Fruit Skit Yins
A Dace Fruity I Stinks
A Dace Fruity Ink Sits
A Dace Fruity Kin Sits
A Dace Fruity Sink Tis
A Dace Fruity Sink Sit
A Dace Fruity Sink Its
A Dace Fruity Skin Tis
A Dace Fruity Skin Sit
A Dace Fruity Skin Its
A Dace Fruity Inks Tis
A Dace Fruity Inks Sit
A Dace Fruity Inks Its
A Dace Fruity Sinks Ti
A Dace Fruity Sinks It
A Dace Fruity Skins Ti
A Dace Fruity Skins It
A Dace Fruity Knits Is
A Dace Fruity Stink Is
A Dace Fruity Knit Sis
A Dace Fruity Ski Snit
A Dace Fruity Ski Nits
A Dace Fruity Ski Tins
A Dace Fruity Skis Nit
A Dace Fruity Skis Tin
A Dace Fruity Kiss Nit
A Dace Fruity Kiss Tin
A Dace Fruity Skits In
A Dace Fruity Kits Ins
A Dace Fruity Kits Sin
A Dace Fruity Skit Ins
A Dace Fruity Skit Sin
A Dace Fruity Kit Sins
A Dace Ifs Skirt Unity
A Dace Ifs Kitty Ruins
A Dace Fists Irk Unity
A Dace Sifts Irk Unity
A Dace Fist Irks Unity
A Dace Fist Risk Unity
A Dace Fist Risky Unit
A Dace Fits Irks Unity
A Dace Fits Risk Unity
A Dace Fits Risky Unit
A Dace Sift Irks Unity
A Dace Sift Risk Unity
A Dace Sift Risky Unit
A Dace Fit Risks Unity
A Dace Fit Risky Units
A Dace Funky Iris Tits
A Dace Funs Iris Kitty
A Dace Fury Insist Kit
A Dace Fry Intuits Ski
A Dace Fry Intuit Skis
A Dace Fry Intuit Kiss
A Dace Tufts Iris Inky
A Dace Fusty Iris Knit
A Aced If Skirts Unity
A Aced Finis Risky Tut
A Aced Finis Ski Rutty
A Aced Finis Kits Yurt
A Aced Finis Skit Yurt
A Aced Finis Kit Rusty
A Aced Finis Kit Yurts
A Aced Frisk Unity Tis
A Aced Frisk Unity Sit
A Aced Frisk Unity Its
A Aced Frisk Tiny Suit
A Aced Frisks Unity Ti
A Aced Frisks Unity It
A Aced Frisky Units Ti
A Aced Frisky Units It
A Aced Frisky Nit Suit
A Aced Frisky Tin Suit
A Aced Frisky Unit Tis
A Aced Frisky Unit Sit
A Aced Frisky Unit Its
A Aced Unfits Risky Ti
A Aced Unfits Risky It
A Aced Unfit Risky Tis
A Aced Unfit Risky Sit
A Aced Unfit Risky Its
A Aced Nifty Iris Tusk
A Aced Nifty Irk Suits
A Aced Nifty Irks Suit
A Aced Nifty Risk Suit
A Aced Unify Irks Tits
A Aced Unify Risk Tits
A Aced Unify Risks Tit
A Aced Unify Skirts Ti
A Aced Unify Skirts It
A Aced Unify Skirt Tis
A Aced Unify Skirt Sit
A Aced Unify Skirt Its
A Aced Unify Kits Stir
A Aced Unify Skit Stir
A Aced Unify Kit Stirs
A Aced Fir Intuits Sky
A Aced Fir Stinky Suit
A Aced Fir Skits Unity
A Aced Fir Kitty Sinus
A Aced Firs Intuit Sky
A Aced Firs Kits Unity
A Aced Firs Skit Unity
A Aced First Inky Suit
A Aced First Ski Unity
A Aced Rifts Inky Suit
A Aced Rifts Ski Unity
A Aced Fruits I Stinky
A Aced Fruits Inky Tis
A Aced Fruits Inky Sit
A Aced Fruits Inky Its
A Aced Fruits Ski Tiny
A Aced Fruits Kits Yin
A Aced Fruits Skit Yin
A Aced Fruits Kit Yins
A Aced Rift Insist Yuk
A Aced Rift Inky Suits
A Aced Rift Skis Unity
A Aced Rift Kiss Unity
A Aced Fruit Stinky Is
A Aced Fruit Inky Sits
A Aced Fruit Skis Tiny
A Aced Fruit Kiss Tiny
A Aced Fruit Skits Yin
A Aced Fruit Kits Yins
A Aced Fruit Skit Yins
A Aced Fruity I Stinks
A Aced Fruity Ink Sits
A Aced Fruity Kin Sits
A Aced Fruity Sink Tis
A Aced Fruity Sink Sit
A Aced Fruity Sink Its
A Aced Fruity Skin Tis
A Aced Fruity Skin Sit
A Aced Fruity Skin Its
A Aced Fruity Inks Tis
A Aced Fruity Inks Sit
A Aced Fruity Inks Its
A Aced Fruity Sinks Ti
A Aced Fruity Sinks It
A Aced Fruity Skins Ti
A Aced Fruity Skins It
A Aced Fruity Knits Is
A Aced Fruity Stink Is
A Aced Fruity Knit Sis
A Aced Fruity Ski Snit
A Aced Fruity Ski Nits
A Aced Fruity Ski Tins
A Aced Fruity Skis Nit
A Aced Fruity Skis Tin
A Aced Fruity Kiss Nit
A Aced Fruity Kiss Tin
A Aced Fruity Skits In
A Aced Fruity Kits Ins
A Aced Fruity Kits Sin
A Aced Fruity Skit Ins
A Aced Fruity Skit Sin
A Aced Fruity Kit Sins
A Aced Ifs Skirt Unity
A Aced Ifs Kitty Ruins
A Aced Fists Irk Unity
A Aced Sifts Irk Unity
A Aced Fist Irks Unity
A Aced Fist Risk Unity
A Aced Fist Risky Unit
A Aced Fits Irks Unity
A Aced Fits Risk Unity
A Aced Fits Risky Unit
A Aced Sift Irks Unity
A Aced Sift Risk Unity
A Aced Sift Risky Unit
A Aced Fit Risks Unity
A Aced Fit Risky Units
A Aced Funky Iris Tits
A Aced Funs Iris Kitty
A Aced Fury Insist Kit
A Aced Fry Intuits Ski
A Aced Fry Intuit Skis
A Aced Fry Intuit Kiss
A Aced Tufts Iris Inky
A Aced Fusty Iris Knit
A Faced I Skirts Unity
A Faced Trinity Ski Us
A Faced Intuit Sir Sky
A Faced Iris Inky Tuts
A Faced Iris Ski Nutty
A Faced Iris Kitty Sun
A Faced Iris Kitty Nus
A Faced Iris Stint Yuk
A Faced Iris Tints Yuk
A Faced Iris Tint Yuks
A Faced Iris Tiny Tusk
A Faced Inky Stir Suit
A Faced Irk Unity Sits
A Faced Irk Tiny Suits
A Faced Irks Unity Tis
A Faced Irks Unity Sit
A Faced Irks Unity Its
A Faced Irks Tiny Suit
A Faced Risk Unity Tis
A Faced Risk Unity Sit
A Faced Risk Unity Its
A Faced Risk Tiny Suit
A Faced Risks Unity Ti
A Faced Risks Unity It
A Faced Skirt Unity Is
A Faced Skirt Yin Suit
A Faced Risky Units Ti
A Faced Risky Units It
A Faced Risky Nit Suit
A Faced Risky Tin Suit
A Faced Risky Unit Tis
A Faced Risky Unit Sit
A Faced Risky Unit Its
A Faced Ski Unity Stir
A Faced Kits Unity Sir
A Faced Skit Unity Sir
A Faced Kit Unity Sirs
A Faced Kitty Ruins Is
A Faced Kitty Ruin Sis
A Decaf I Skirts Unity
A Decaf Trinity Ski Us
A Decaf Intuit Sir Sky
A Decaf Iris Inky Tuts
A Decaf Iris Ski Nutty
A Decaf Iris Kitty Sun
A Decaf Iris Kitty Nus
A Decaf Iris Stint Yuk
A Decaf Iris Tints Yuk
A Decaf Iris Tint Yuks
A Decaf Iris Tiny Tusk
A Decaf Inky Stir Suit
A Decaf Irk Unity Sits
A Decaf Irk Tiny Suits
A Decaf Irks Unity Tis
A Decaf Irks Unity Sit
A Decaf Irks Unity Its
A Decaf Irks Tiny Suit
A Decaf Risk Unity Tis
A Decaf Risk Unity Sit
A Decaf Risk Unity Its
A Decaf Risk Tiny Suit
A Decaf Risks Unity Ti
A Decaf Risks Unity It
A Decaf Skirt Unity Is
A Decaf Skirt Yin Suit
A Decaf Risky Units Ti
A Decaf Risky Units It
A Decaf Risky Nit Suit
A Decaf Risky Tin Suit
A Decaf Risky Unit Tis

  • hate is bad for ones health, love more.

Who dares to quote jonas? :rolleyes:

Jumping off the Sears Towers is bad for one’s health too, don’t.

Yay! I quoted him! Now what do I get?

More bananaKore plz.

thats what im talking about // nice to know you… BTW i not hate him as a person or an artist i probably should say i hate myself as i hate him. people loves violence and the litlle kids love it,…

any way he is becoming the ricky martin of 2007 haha cherrs for him… he is famous… and hate is good :)

Let me recite some poetry:

“Venetian Snares is the shit. Deal with it.”

  • J. Timmermans

I’ve seen Duran Duran Duran a few times. He’s a cool dood, but he’s also a hack.
(his live set anyway)

edit: that was harsh im sorry. i still like his tunes. just pissed me off after i figured out he was just playing back mp3s and jumping around like an ass (albeit entertaining).
went to squarepusher with him and did lines in the bathroom, good times.

where the f**** do you get off posting this. go vent somewhere else.

stop hating, really. I think it’s horrible for anyone coming to a board and reading such hate-posts about themselves, especially if its all anger and hate without any useful or valid argument.

The latest Computer Music sports a nice, long interview with the man.

Where he talks quite a lot about renoise (again), making music, and life in general. He had interesting views on all points.

He came through sounding not the least stuck up, and talked about the stupid (his analysis) rave he used to make.

I think the most important thing he said was about making the hard work fun.

All the best to him. :)

scan pleez ! (or link)


You know what they say… it’s impossible to hate someone unless you love them first ;)