I Have A Keyboard. Is It Possible To Rip Samples?

It’s been some years since I bought my Technics sx-KN6000 keyboard. And I really got atached to it. I love some sounds it has.

I’m giving my first steps in renoise, and I wanted that my first song would be a simple song I composed in my keyboard. But I’m having an hard time to get the samples I wanted. So I just thought: is it possible to rip some samples from the keyboard? If yes, how?

Anyone can help me, please?


I have a Technics KN1000 keyboard, very old one…

I’ve also been trying to do the same, and I managed it once, I’m gonna try to explain it…

What I did was, I had a chord with a jack plug in either end of it, I plugged it into the “headphones”-outlet, and then plugged the other end of the jackplug into the line-in of the PC.

I then went to the mixer controlls on my PC (in windows) and chose Line-in, to record from it, and went into Cool Edit/Audition and played the note that i wanted to record.

It worked out quite well…

Not sure if you can attach a scart-plug (white and red wire) into the back of ur PC to get a stereo sound… I’m a n00b when it comes to technical stuff…

Hope it helped, and if you have any questions just ask, and i’ll try to answer them :)

Good luck!

Basically it goes like Dufey said (except that scart is the cord between you TV and video :) and headphones are also stereo). In other words, you cannot record directly in Renoise, you have to use another app for that. After that it all comes down to what inputs/outputs you have on your keyboard and soundcard. Digital I/O is of course best, analog line (most often 6.3mm phono plugs) are ok and recording from headphones ouput would be your last resort if nothing else is possible.

Thanks for the reply.

I checked out what plugs the keyboard has and, among others it has:

  • 2 Line out (L + R)
  • Midi In, Out and Thru
  • Mic
  • Aux In (L + R)
  • Computer (this one also has a button that can change 4 positions: midi, PC1, PC2 and Mac).

I guess Dufey’s solution would involve the Line out plug, right?

I wonder what is that “Computer” plug. Let’s see if I can find the manual! :D.

BTW, if I wanted to plug my keyboard to my PC (and use it Renoise to type notes), it’s the Midi Out plug I would use, right?

To me it sounds like the computer plug is used for MIDI. Sometimes these are found on synths so you can connect your computer directly to the synth, without the need for MIDI interface. I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with audio.

Line out is what you should use. You need an adaptor cable to convert your L+R line outs to your computer line in (most likely a 3.5mm stereo jack).

Don’t get me wrong here,
but again I see posts where sample-record functions in the sample editor are needed.

What’s a f****ing audio-studio-program without record function?

yes i really need it